Keeping it Local in Coorparoo

keep it local in coorparoo

Hey it’s Henry here, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about why it’s important to buy local and support your local community. This is something I’m really passionate about, because at the heart of the best suburbs in Australia lies a strong community. If you buy local, you buy into your community. You create contacts and build a network of support that you can lean on for business and social purposes. 

I jotted down a few more reasons why keeping it local is a good thing to do. These are what I want to share with you today. 

The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses

1. Keep local money circulating. 

The small corner store on your street, your favourite stall at the farmers market or that sidewalk cafe with exceptional coffee all have one thing in common. The money they earn is going back into supporting community residents or employees. When you spend there, it’s not going into the coffers of a large chain. It’s staying in the community and getting re-spent locally too.

2. Job creation. 

Small businesses are vital for creating skilled and unskilled jobs in the community. A community with strong and established local businesses is one where more people get to make a living without having to travel far. It also helps create stable employment levels around the whole country. 

3.  Giving the community character. 

Nothing like a characterful suburban landscape with boutique stores and services! It feels good to live in a place like that, where your chiropractor knows you by name and the pet shop owner recognises your kids when they come in. Supporting local business helps us keep our suburbs unique and lively, not to mention convenient. 

4. Wider range of goods on offer. 

A lot of suburbs will have a local outdoor market or farmers market on regular occasions. In Coorparoo, it’s the CavRoad Community Markets on the third Sunday of every month at 12 Cavendish Road. Here, you’re going to find a wider range of goods than you would in a standard shop. There’ll be homemade items, farm fresh produce and unique Australian-manufactured goods. Having a wide array of things to purchase makes life more interesting! 

5. Kinder on the environment. 

If you go to a local shop, you’re either walking or not driving very far. That means less cars driving on the road and less air pollution. Additionally, local businesses often source local products, or products that don’t have to be shipped far to their shelves. This reduces the amount of transportation of goods around the country. 

6. Encourage young entrepreneurs. 

When you get thriving local businesses, young people starting out are encouraged to try out their own entrepreneurial ideas. You’ll also find other professionals and talented people are attracted to the area. It breeds a culture of success, and the suburb goes from strength to strength. It’s inspiring to watch!

Some of My Favourite Coorparoo Spots

There are some really good spots to head to in this suburb. Supporting businesses like these helps maintain the Coorparoo lifestyle. Here are a couple of my favourites: 

Casa Wellness Chiropractic

casa wellness chiropractic

A healthy body is essential to being the best version of yourself. That’s exactly what Casa Wellness Chiropractic can help you achieve. Luke and his team do a great job of keeping you in great shape with their chiropractic alignments, nutritional support and kinesiology. This is where I go for all my alignments, and I’d highly recommend it.

Bellissimo Cafe

Bellissimo Coffee Coorparoo

Man, the coffee here is good. It hits the spot every time. No wonder Bellissimo Cafe is the highest awarded coffee roaster in Australia. It’s not just the coffee though – there’s an impressive menu of food and drink, and a relaxed, classy atmosphere to enjoy it in. Definitely a spot to grab a takeaway flat white, or sit down for a delicious feed. It’s at 12 Cavendish Road and you should definitely give it a look! 

Rabbit and Co

Rabbit and Co Coorparoo

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to good cafes in Coorparoo! Rabbit and Co is another supreme spot for a meal. It offers a wide-ranging menu that includes delicious meals, beautiful coffees and a nice selection for the kids too. My daughter really enjoys this cafe! Check it out at 5/148 Chatsworth Road. 

Young Sunn Natural Therapy


young sunn natural therapies

With expert reviews, Young Sunn Natural Therapy can be found at Coorparoo Square. I’d like to add my own positive review and recommendation here too! This acupuncture clinic has a team who really know their stuff, offering massage, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I’ve personally known the owner, Michael Chen, for the last 20 years or more, after meeting him on the set of a Hollywood movie where we were both extras (now there’s some Coorparoo trivia for you!) I regularly go to Young Sunn Therapy to get a massage, and it’s definitely the best in town! 

There you have it. What are your favourite Coorparoo businesses? While we’re at it, what do you think of the schools in Coorparoo? Let me know! I’m always available for a chat about Coorparoo and real estate in general.