A Succesful Thornlands Auction

auction result 35 Angliss

Another busy auction and another stellar real estate sale for The Henry Wong Team®, with 35 Angliss Circuit in Thornlands successfully going under the hammer recently. We’re proud of this one, because the whole process aligned with our holistic approach to helping sellers move on to the next stage in their lives. 

Plan Your Next Move with Henry Wong

In fact, we worked with the sellers for several months after they initially made contact. They needed guidance with their real estate journey, and we were more than happy to help them “Plan Their Next Move”. It’s a big part of what we do – helping sellers become comfortable with the decisions they are making in real estate, and giving them advice to choose the right path forwards. 

These sellers in Thornlands wanted to upgrade from this lovely home to a bigger double-storey home. We were able to explain how this is possible through the ‘subject to sale’ process, and gave them many insights into placing an offer on their next home. 

We were also able to advise them over the months we were in touch about how to prepare their property for the market. This included how to present it in a manner that attracted the perfect buyers – buyers who could visualise themselves living there. Presentation is everything, and in this case, as in many others, we recommended professional staging of the home. We needed the house to stand out, because at the time of going to market there were 11 other one-storey homes in a similar price bracket. Staging helped do this. 

We wanted them to target the right buyers, and we wanted as many as possible to be made aware of the property and go through the auction process. Many buyers creates a healthy sense of competition, because buyers always want what other buyers are drawn to. The more people we could get there on auction day, the better the chance they would have of getting the price they deserve. 

So how did it end up going?

The Marketing

Before auction day we launched an intensive 20-day marketing campaign. That may not sound long, but it’s enough for our team to drum up plenty of buyer interest using our specialist techniques that we’ve honed over many years. Our auction strategy works no matter where the property is located, whether it’s Thornlands, Wishart, New Farm or Enoggera. 

For a start, we use professionals to create our marketing materials. We’re talking photography, videography, copywriting, floor plans, 3D tours and any other materials we need. These guys know how to present a home in the best light possible, and that’s exactly what they did for 35 Angliss. 

We then lean on our massive email database as well as our large and engaged social media channels to get initial traction on a listing. For example, we have around 12,000 followers on Facebook. This means when we post a listing to Facebook, it get shared around and reaches plenty more people than your average real estate agent can achieve. This dramatically reduces our reliance on the main real estate portals. 

Another thing we heavily invest in is network marketing. We have built up a huge network of colleagues, friends and professional acquaintances over the years, all who know us and trust us. When we list a home, our network gets advised, and they in turn pass it on to parties they know may be interested. Network marketing in this way is extremely effective because it’s rooted in trust – people trust the word of mouth of their connections. 

The Result at 35 Angliss, Thornlands

After working with the seller for a while, and using all our methods mentioned above, the auction at 35 Angliss went extremely well. Let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • 20 day marketing campaign
  • 50 groups inspected the home
  • Eight bidders registered on the day

A highly competitive auction resulted in a sale price of $1,070,000, which was well above the reserve. Best of all, we had extremely happy sellers and a very satisfied buyer, all excited to move onto their next chapter. Congratulations all round! 

Are you ready to plan your next move? Let The Henry Wong Team® help! It doesn’t matter where you are in Brisbane, we’ll help you successfully move onto the next stage of your life with a result like this one at 35 Angliss Circuit. 

Get in touch today for more information, we look forward to chatting!