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Plan your next move

In the simplest form of the job description, a real estate agent sells houses. To be successful at your job, you need to know how to sell houses and do it well. There are many agents out there that do exactly that, and only that. 

They might be super successful, but are they memorable? Do they put people first, do they go above and beyond? Do they have a massive positive impact on a client’s life journey?

At The Henry Wong Team®, we like to do more than just sell your house. We’re here to help you Plan Your Next Move. 

More Than Just a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, we deal with people experiencing massive change in their lives. It’s overwhelming for many of them, with so much to take on board, learn and figure out. They don’t just need someone to sell their house, they need someone to guide them. 

So that’s what we do. We advise and direct, for months if we have to. We want our clients to be completely comfortable in their decisions about their future, and we want them to make the right decisions. We help them move forward by taking an interest in them and what they need, whoever they are and whatever stage of life they’re at. 

They might be newly married couples who can’t decide on what to do, empty nesters whose kids have left home, or couples going their separate ways. We listen, and we help them devise a plan forward. Their success in achieving this is one of the biggest perks of our job! 

How We Help

What does our advice look like in reality? Well, for a start, if is someone is thinking of selling they want to know what other options are out there for them. The Henry Wong Team® can help them explore these options. For example, if they’re retirees looking to downsize,  we’ll let them know about retirement villages, lifestyle living and aged care options. We’ve helped many people with their downsizing journey, often providing them with options they hadn’t previously considered. 

Maybe a vendor wants to upsize their house, which is similar to a scenario we just had with some sellers in Thornlands. They wanted to move out of their single-level home and into a bigger double-storey place with more space for their family. To help them achieve this, we coached them on buying ‘subject to sale’, and how this process would suit their situation perfectly. 

We were in contact with those sellers for a number of months, even assisting them in the negotiations on the property they wanted to buy. With our help, they could successfully plan their next move and move into that double-storey home they needed. 

For us, character and integrity is everything. We don’t believe in doing the hard sell routine on people, or putting undue pressure on them. Their choice is their choice when it comes to selling. We just give them options, helping them connect the dots with professionals we trust who can also help them plan their next move. 

Remember, when selling a house, the perfect time to sell isn’t January or December, or when the market is at its peak. The perfect time is your time – when the time is right for you to move onto a new stage in life. When that happens, we like to be there to help. 

Building Our Network

As people-people who put a massive emphasis on growing a strong and mutually beneficial network, The Henry Team® puts relationships first and foremost. Strong, mutually beneficial relationships grounded in trust and good communication. We’ve found over the years that by helping people, they remember us and refer us. Those referrals are rooted in trust, carrying more weight than any other kind of marketing. As a result, many of our home sales come through our network referrals. 

You could say its a two-way street then. We help people plan their next move, building solid relationships and expanding our network in the process. We help people, and by doing that we do better at achieving the primary real estate agent function aim of selling houses successfully! 

Contact the Brisbane Agents Who Do More

Do you need advice on planning your next move? We’re here for you, and would love to answer your questions and help guide you into your next chapter. Don’t be overwhelmed by the choices out there, let us help you with our vast knowledge and professional experience. Give Henry a ring on 0412 471 588 or contact us here