85 Hummingbird Crescent – Another Wishart Sale!

85 Hummingbird Wishart

85 Hummingbird Crescent is an immaculate Wishart home, a suburban masterpiece offering flair, liveability and convenience in one attractive package. We were honoured to be trusted by the longtime owners with the sale of their family home. Sitting in the enviable Mansfield State School and Mansfield State High catchment areas, together with all its other…Read More→

A Healthy Property Market for 2024 – Here’s Why!

healthy real estate market

We’re into February and all the indicators tell us this year will be a strong one for the property market. We may not have a crystal ball here at the Henry Wong Team®, but our sound knowledge of the real estate industry has given us strong insights into what we can expect from the market….Read More→

Wishart State School and Mansfield State High are NAPLAN Champs

Mansfield State High School

Why are schools and real estate so closely intertwined? Because it’s one of the first things families will look for in an area, if not the first thing! Parents tend to put their kids at the forefront of their life decisions, so finding a school often comes before finding a house.  This means schools have…Read More→

Signs It’s the Right Time to Downsize

right time for downsizing

For many reasons, the passing of the years eventually heralds a time when it’s necessary to move on from the home you live in. Often it’s about moving into a smaller space, but it could also be a lifestyle change to bring in greater simplicity, ease the financial pressure or give you a new lease…Read More→

Henry Wong’s Three Laws of Networking

Three Networking Laws

In the marketing world, they say it’s not about who you know; it’s about who knows you! As a real estate agent who relies heavily on my network to close deals in Brisbane and beyond, I’ve applied this statement to my entire career. You know what – it’s had a huge positive impact! A turning…Read More→

Brisbane’s Best Primary NAPLAN Results

Naplan best schools

Another year means another opportunity to review how schools went on their NAPLAN tests for last year. In the video below I take a look at a Courier Mail resource where you can check out the NAPLAN results for all the schools around Queensland.  For the video we investigated the top five primary schools. Have…Read More→

What Does The Property Market Have in Store For Brisbane?

2024 property market

As we bid farewell to 2023, it seems fitting to mark the first blog post of the New Year with a look at what we can expect from the property market in 2024. Last year was a rollercoaster of emotions, as interest rates skyrocketed and home prices generally remained strong across the board. Brisbane in…Read More→

What a Year for Bx South Brisbane!

BX networking South Brisbane

It’s been an unreal year at Bx South Brisbane! Not only have we built a tribe of like-minded people intent on networking and business success, we’ve been officially recognised for it too. Yup, Bx South Brisbane was awarded the ‘Group of the Year’ award for 2023! This is a huge recognition of the progress we’ve…Read More→

Keeping it Local in Coorparoo

keep it local in coorparoo

Hey it’s Henry here, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about why it’s important to buy local and support your local community. This is something I’m really passionate about, because at the heart of the best suburbs in Australia lies a strong community. If you buy local, you buy into your community….Read More→

More Accessible and Energy Efficient Queensland Homes

Brisbane real estate agent

There’s a bit of a shakeup heading the way of the residential construction industry, with changes to the National Construction Code coming into place at the start of October in Queensland. These changes are designed to make new builds easier to access for disabled people, as well as making them more energy efficient.   We want…Read More→