How to Sell a Block of Units Fast…

sell a block of units

You’re not going to believe what we just sold this block of units in Stones Corner for. You probably won’t believe how we did it either. This is an example of the benefits of networking at its finest! This is when all our hard work expanding and maintaining our vast network of colleagues pays off.

Before we tell you more about this, let’s take a look at this block of units and how we ended up crossing paths with it. 

7 Ellis Street, Stone’s Corner

7 Ellis Street sits in the remarkably convenient suburb of Stones Corner, just a short hop from the Brisbane city centre. It’s a Queenslander-style property sitting on 400m2 plus block of land. The chief drawcard here is that it has been converted into four individual one-bedroom units, all on the same title. 

It’s certainly a unique opportunity, being able to buy four units in one go. There would definitely be buyers out there, especially considering the close proximity to Brisbane City. 

However, an agent had been trying to sell it for a couple of months, and had failed in their efforts. This is what prompted the vendors to bring it to us. They had heard how we successfully leverage our multiple contact network to give our listings traction and help get them sold fast. We have a large network of affluent buyers in Brisbane, around Queensland, interstate and overseas. We keep in touch with them regularly, they trust us and they always take note of our listings. 

After meeting with us and learning a bit more about our techniques and our network, the vendors listed their home with us. 

Sold Off Market

Selling a home off-market means finding a buyer before the listing is put to the public. If you don’t have a large network, this is very difficult to do. Your average suburban agent doesn’t achieve this often. 

Whenever we sign up a property for sale, the first thing we do is let our network know about it. We keep in touch with colleagues and contacts on a regular basis, so we know who may be interested or who may know somebody interested. That’s how a network works- it’s based on trust. Recommendations founded in trust reap results… and the result here was a good one. 

We sold 7 Ellis to a member of our network before we even had a chance to publicly list it. How much for, you ask? Watch the video below and you’ll find out!

Yup, you heard right. $1,8222,000 – a figure that delighted the sellers and made the buyers happy too, as they could see the potential in the property. Congratulations all round! 

Put Our Network to Use

Are you selling a property in Brisbane? Our tried and proven marketing and sales strategies will help us get your property sold, no matter what suburb you’re in. We’d love to have a chat about how we can put our network to use for you, and what other techniques we use to get you the price you deserve for your home. 

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