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At The Henry Wong Team® we take a multi-pronged approach to marketing, leveraging digital outlets to maximise the reach of each property we list. We also focus heavily on building our network of colleagues and contacts, because in real estate referrals are exceptionally powerful. 

There’s a place where digital reach and the positive impacts of networking come together in unparalleled fashion, and we know you’ve heard of it! Who hasn’t heard of Linkedin? This giant of a professional networking platform has over one billion users, including over 298 million in the Asia Pacific region

That’s one of the reasons why, as a real estate agent, it’s especially important to be active on LinkedIn. It should form a foundation to your connections – you meet someone in real life, you add them on LinkedIn. Then the professional connection gains a permanency that endures far longer than what could be a fleeting meeting in person. 

Today I want to take a deep look into why all real estate agents should be using LinkedIn. It’s not just about adding people you meet, it’s about creating content specifically for the platform that helps grow your followers, and your reputation. Let’s dive in. 

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Why All Real Estate Agents Should be on LinkedIn

Is your real estate agent on LinkedIn? They’re missing out on valuable leads for your property sale if they’re neglecting this platform. Here are some of the reasons why we focus so heavily on LinkedIn at The Henry Wong Team®.

Reach the Right Target Market

As a real estate agent, you want to reach people looking and able to buy homes. LinkedIn users are professionals, with more than 75% of them aged 30 or over. More than half are graduates of tertiary education institutions, and more than half earn $75,000 or more every year. 90% of users are the decision-makers in the household, and LinkedIn is also the most popular platform amongst Fortune 500 CEO’s! On top of it all, LinkedIn members have around double the buying power of users on other social media platforms. 

These statistics make compelling reading for real estate agents. They show that the people we want to reach with our listings are on LinkedIn, people who fit the criteria of home buyers. 

Build Brand Awareness

Consistent posting on LinkedIn is effective for a number of reasons. It helps with organic growth of your brand, because the more that you post, the more people see your page. Data from LinkedIn shows that businesses who post weekly will see a two times higher engagement rate than businesses who don’t post anything. Your follower account steadily grows too as you stamp your authority as a thought leader in the industry. 

Not only does this help increase your brand awareness as a real estate agent, an increase in reach means when you list a property more sets of eyes fall on it. The more people who see it, the better chance of the perfect buyer finding it is. 

This is why your real estate agent is missing a trick if they don’t leverage the power of LinkedIn!


Networking is one of our chief focuses at The Henry Wong Team®, and LinkedIn is by far the most superior of the online platforms for this. It is a place to initiate, grow and nurture professional relationships, connecting with potential buyers as well as hard working people who can become part of your referral network. 

The average Linkedin user has between 500 and 1000 connections. If you actively network while creating content and publishing it on the platform, there is massive potential to expand your reach and get your brand, and the properties you sell, out there. 

LinkedIn Ads are Very Effective

LinkedIn ads are proven to be highly successful in reaching the audience you wish to target, and then converting them. Marketers actually see up to two times higher conversion rates on LinkedIn than elsewhere, with detailed filtering options allowing you to target specific industries, job titles, and even geographic locations. 

What’s more, LinkedIn ads are cost effective, with their conversion tracking tool helping further lower costs by an average of 13.5%. Efficeient and cost effective, they’re an exceptional way of getting real estate related content out there. 

Easily Hire Team Members

If your real estate business is on an upward trajectory, LinkedIn is the tool to turn to find the right talent to help you expand. You can post job openings, search for candidates with specific skills and reach out directly to potential hires. You’ll be able to build a capable team to take your business to the next level. 

It’s no wonder over 72% of businesses use LinkedIn to bolster their recruiting efforts. 

Contact an Agent Who Leverages the Power of LinkedIn

At the Henry Wong Team®, we’ve realised LinkedIn is more than just another social media platform – it’s a powerful tool that can significantly impact our sales process. From targeted marketing and brand awareness to power networking and even recruitment, LinkedIn offers numerous benefits that help us succeed in the real estate market. 

If you’d like us to put that to work for you, we’re here to talk. Contact us here, or give Henry a ring on 0412 471 588 and he’ll answer any questions you may have.