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Thinking about buying real estate in Coorparoo? Good choice, because this is a suburb on an impressive trajectory. Perfectly poised to capitalise on Olympics 2032 fever, Coorparoo is an easy commute to the centre of Brisbane yet still has the spacious, breezy feel of the suburbs. A perfect balance that families, professionals and even downsizers can enjoy. 

We’re glad you’ve found us! The Henry Wong Team® are Coorparoo Real Estate Agents who know this area inside out. We love getting the word out about this gem of a Brisbane suburb! 

We’re going to put a spotlight on Coorparoo today, to help you make better-informed decisions if you’re considering a move here. Remember, if you have any questions you can contact us here or give Henry a call on 0412 471 588.

Let’s dive into Coorparoo right now!


Where is Coorparoo located? 

Coorparoo is southeast of the Brisbane CBD, firmly within the golden 10-kilometre circle at just 5.7-kilometres by road from the city centre. Close to the Pacific Motorway, it’s an easy commute and there are multiple public transport options to help you complete it. Multiple buses lead to the Southeast Busway, and it’ll take about 40 minutes from Coorparoo train station by train. You could also get the ferry from Mowbray Park ferry terminal. 

You could even cycle there in just over half an hour, and you’ll see many residents taking the cycle path to their job in the city every morning. Keen walker? Strap on your trainers and you’ll be there in about an hour and 30 minutes. 

Whatever your favourite mode of transport, Coorparoo is a convenient and safe place to commute from! 

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Coorparoo demographic

The Coorparoo Demographic

Let’s take a look at the last census results, where the population of Coorparoo was registered as 17,810. There are 4,512 families in the suburb, with an average of 1.8 children per family. This is a very family friendly suburb, but with 46.8% of the population having never been married, it’s a place where anyone is welcome and comfortable. Here are some other interesting facts about the Coorparoo residents:

46% have a Bachelor’s Degree or above. 

35.9% have English ancestry.

71.9% were born in Australia.

30.3% are children of parents who were both born overses.

73.8% are in the labour force.

59.8% work full time. 


The Types of Properties in Coorparoo

With its lush, green and hilly landscape, many homes in Coorparoo have exciting views of the surrounds, some even stretching towards the city. Many of the local Coorparoo homes still stand on large blocks of land, and these are generally older Queenslander-style properties. 

Of course, there are more modern houses too, as well as newly built townhouse and apartment complexes. The whole cross-section of tenants and homeowners are catered to! 

Coorparoo types of houses

The Coorparoo Lifestyle

Being so close to the city centre brings with it a buzz of its own. All you need to do is hop onto public transport and you’ll be right in the heart of Brisbane, enjoying the electric ambience and huge ranges of restaurants, shops and amenities!

Coorparoo has a lifestyle of its own, independent of what’s on offer in the city. It’s one of relaxed conveniences, where everything you need is within easy reach. Coorparoo Square and Coorparoo Marketplace provide all the shops and dining you could need, there is a Dendy Cinema in the suburb and Majestic Park and Langlands Park provide airy green space that the kids will love! (particularly the dragon playground and fort at Majestic… just saying!)


Coorparoo Schools

Some of the most sought after schools in Brisbane are right on your doorstep. No matter what age your kids are, you’ll find a state or private school nearby that’ll exceed your expectations. Here are some of the schools available to Coorparoo parents: 


Villanova College 
Coorparoo State School
Our Lady of Mt Carmel
St James Catholic Primary School


Loreto College 
Villanova College
Coorparoo Secondary College

Coorparoo Schools
Coorparoo Square

Our Favourite Thing in Coorparoo!

Ok, we’ll come clean. The thing The Henry Wong Team® loves most about Coorparoo is Coorparoo Square! This is an awesome shopping centre, with a range of delicious coffees on offer and some amazing restaurants to boot. There’s also an Aldi, a Woolworths and a BWS, plus a range of boutique stores. One to check out if you’re new to the area! 

Got any questions about the Coorparoo lifestyle? Henry Wong is your Coorparoo real estate agent who would love to answer them! You can get in touch with him today for a chat. Just click here.