The Coorparoo Demographic: Insights from a Local Real Estate Agent

Coorparoo demographic

Hey, it’s Henry here, and I want to take you on a bit of a journey through what makes Coorparoo tick. As a Coorparoo real estate agent, I love this suburb – it’s such a vibrant community and such a convenient home to people from all walks of life and cultures. To celebrate this I’ve done a dive into the most recent census data and cherry-picked some stats that help paint a picture of what life in Coorparoo is like. 

Whether you’re a potential homebuyer or a curious local, you’ll find some interesting information here that’ll help illustrate why so many people love this suburb and want to live here!

Population and Household Dynamics

coorparoo population and housing17,810 people call Coorparoo home, of which 48.3% are male and 51.7% female. There are 8,350 private dwellings in the suburb, with an average of 2.3 people per household. Families, on average, have 1.8 children. On average, there is a financial prosperity to Coorparoo with a median weekly household income of $2,100. There is an active housing market too, as we can see by the median monthly mortgage repayments of $2,058 and a median weekly rent of $380. 

The Cultural Fabric of Coorparoo

Coorparoo has a rich and varied cultural tapestry, with people from all over the world made to feel welcome here. Let’s take a look at the stats. A majority of residents (71.9%) were born in Australia, followed by England (2.9%) and New Zealand (2.6%). The ancestry of Coorparoo residents further reflects the diversity, with the top ancestries being English (35.9%), Australian (30.4%), and Irish (17.5%). There are a number of other languages, such as Spanish and Nepali, spoken in Coorparoo households, which all add to our multicultural essence!


A lot of people living here have pursued higher education. In fact, 46.0% of the population aged 15 and over hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. There are a variety of Coorparoo schools around the suburb, underlining the importance that’s placed on education here, with school children enjoying the range of state, Catholic and other non-government schools. Large swathes of Coorparoo residents also attend TAFE, University and other vocational institutions. 

Employment and Income 

There are strong employment statistics coming out of the suburb, with 73.8% of the population aged 15 and over actively participating in the labor force. More than half (59.8%) of residents aged 15 and over work full-time, and part-time employment is also common at 28.3%. Median personal income sits at $1,129 per week, with professionals, managers, and clerical workers the predominant occupations. Overall, the workforce in Coorparoo is skilled.

Lifestyle and Community Engagement

We love the Coorparoo lifestyle here at The Henry Wong Team®. It’s a conveniently located place to live, being so close to the city, but there is also so much good going on within the suburb itself. This is a strong and close-knit community, with many people engaging in unpaid work and volunteering. In fact, 23.3% of residents provide unpaid care for children and 17.3% participate in voluntary work. Community activities like these create a sense of belonging and connectedness that residents of an area enjoy.

Real Estate Insights 

Coorparoo communityAs a Coorparoo real estate agent, these demographics offer valuable insights into the community. The data indicates that education is valued here, as is cultural diversity, and active participation in both the workforce and community activities.

Information like this is vital for potential homebuyers and investors looking to understand the area better. What we can tell from the data is that this isn’t just a place to live. It’s a place to call home! The vibrant community, diverse population, and dynamic lifestyle all have their part to play in this.

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