How to Maintain Auction Success

auction success

If you’re keeping an eye on Brisbane’s real estate space (as most homeowners do!) you’ll know that auction clearance rates across the city are down. What rate is that, you ask? Well according to Domain: “Auction clearance rate is the percentage of properties sold at auction on a particular week or month.” Basically if clearance…Read More→

A Successful Holland Park West Auction

holland park west auction

When an auction gets passed in, it means the top bid on the day hasn’t met the reserve price set by the vendor of the home. When a real estate market is beginning to soften, more properties get passed in. Clearance rates go down, meaning less properties are successfully sold at auction. We are seeing…Read More→

What Determines the Value of Your Home?

what determines the value of your home

When a good real estate agent comes to your home to provide an assessment of its value, they’re doing much more than pulling a number out of the air. There’s a science to the process, a science that takes in a number of different factors both in the home itself and in the surrounding suburbs….Read More→

A Century of Google Reviews

As a real estate agent, our reputation is the lifeblood of our business. Without it, nobody is going to sell their home through us. There are plenty of agents out there with good reputations, why would someone sell their house through an agent they’ve never heard of? At The Henry Wong Team® we work hard…Read More→

The Concept of Acceptance

concept of acceptance

Being able to accept things as they are is a powerful step towards a smoother life. Henry Wong, Brisbane real estate agent, explains about the concept of acceptance. “We’re here today to talk about the concept of acceptance. When I say acceptance, I mean you come to accept that ‘it is what it is’. Just…Read More→

Henry’s Thoughts on Getting Advice

getting advice

In this episode of his real estate vlog, Henry Wong from Harcourts Beyond gives a piece of advice on… getting advice! Have a listen and see what his take is on who you should model your actions on. “Hi, welcome to another episode of Henry’s Thoughts. Before we start, please follow us at @thehenrywongteam, where…Read More→

The Henry Wong Story

the henry wong story

Henry Wong has come a long way over the last few years and is now one of Brisbane’s leading real estate agents. In this video we learn more about Henry, what makes him tick and why his approach to real estate is so successful. This is the Henry Wong Story. Below is the transcript of…Read More→

Productivity vs Activity

productivity vs activity

In this real estate vlog Henry shares his ideas on how to become more productive and achieve more in a shorter space of time. Here’s Productivity vs Activity. “Hi, welcome to another episode of Henry’s Thoughts. Before we go any further, please follow us @thehenrywongteam, where you’ll get insights as to how I think, real…Read More→

Preparing to Buy a Property

If you’re looking at buying a property in the near future, there’s a lot of preparation you can do beforehand to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. In this real estate vlog Henry talks about a few steps you can start taking as you prepare to buy a home. “Hi, I’m…Read More→

Don’t Take Advice From Losers

If you want to progress and progress, you need to follow the lead of those who have succeeded in what you do. Here’s some life advice from Henry, the Number One Chinese Real Estate Agent for Remax in Australia. “Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here in beautiful Brisbane, right by the Brisbane River. We just…Read More→

Leading Agent Shares His Wisdom With Peers

Henry Wong is the Number One Chinese Real Estate Agent for RE/MAX in the whole of Australia. The Brisbane sales associate was network trainer, mentor and RE/MAX Auction Service broker owner Dene Tucker’s invited speaker at ‘Building the Ultimate Business’, a full-day training program recently held at RE/MAX Australia’s corporate office in Milton. Mr Wong…Read More→

Five Questions You HAVE to Ask When Buying a Property

When you’re buying a home, you need to get as much information out of the agent as possible. In this real estate vlog Henry goes over some important questions that will help you do this. “Hi, I’m Henry Wong. You looked at a few houses and you found a particular house that you really, really…Read More→