A Century of Google Reviews

As a real estate agent, our reputation is the lifeblood of our business. Without it, nobody is going to sell their home through us. There are plenty of agents out there with good reputations, why would someone sell their house through an agent they’ve never heard of?

At The Henry Wong Team® we work hard on our reputation. We don’t just make it a box to tick, we make it the foundation of our approach to business. Whoever we interact with, from buyers to sellers to stakeholders and tradesmen, gets treated with the same high level of respect and dignity. We only advocate for positive interactions, and we hope that positivity shines through in people’s referrals and reviews.

Word-of-mouth referrals are very important in our business. We always appreciate it when you tell friends, family or colleagues about our service and how we helped you. Through your recommendations we manage to sell a lot of properties and get to help many people move onto the next chapter in their lives.

Similarly important to us are the Google Reviews left online about The Henry Wong Team®. We’re very proud to have recently notched up a century of Google Reviews, with our tally currently sitting at 101. And the best thing of all… they’re all five-star reviews.

Why are Google Reviews so Important?

It all comes down to trust. Google is the gold standard of web search engines, and most of us use it every day in our online work. We’re comfortable with it, we never second guess it. So when we see a company with a solid set of Google reviews, we immediately trust it.

Every year the Brand Institute of Australia releases the National Reputation Health Report, a study of Australia’s 100 most recognisable brands. In this report, what do you think the most coveted brand amongst Australian consumers is?

It’s Google of course.

That’s why today Google Reviews are one of the leading ways to measure the reputation of a business. People know the brand and trust it. It’s also why businesses all want to be on the front page of Google for their relevant search terms. If you’re in Australia, try typing ‘Henry Wong’ into your browser and see what comes up. We’ll be all over the front page, along with our 101 reviews.

Having 101 five-star reviews on Google is a big deal for The Henry Wong Team®. And while they’re important, they’re also part of a bigger picture of our online footprint. This includes:

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your reviews, for following us on social media and for reading our blog posts. You make The Henry Wong Team® what it is today, and we truly appreciate your support. If you ever need real estate advice or an appraisal on your property, please do get in touch. We’d love to help you out.