The Henry Wong Story

the henry wong story

Henry Wong has come a long way over the last few years and is now one of Brisbane’s leading real estate agents. In this video we learn more about Henry, what makes him tick and why his approach to real estate is so successful. This is the Henry Wong Story.

Below is the transcript of the video.

Henry Wong:
I’m the leader of the Henry Wong team. Relationships for us personally trump everything. Every time when we talk to a person, whether it’s an acquaintance, a buyer, a seller, or homeowner, we try to see how we can progress that relationship. How can we actually tighten it and reinforce that? Nothing happens unless trust is made. That’s my belief, and that’s our core value.

So, the great thing about working in this team is that Henry actually puts in a lot of investments in upgrading our skills, and also upgrading software, finding out and strategizing every Monday. Every day we go through our listings, and see what better ways we can do things. He always enforces me to constantly keep in touch and see how everyone is, or if there’s any advice that we can give. Let’s make a blog. Let’s send it to them. Let’s do everything we can.

My working relationship with Henry, I have to say, we work as one team. Trust is very important. What I’ve found is with his influences and with his leading by example, he actually contributes a lot to the team. And the team look up to him as a leader. I have watched him grow from 2012 to now, and he has become one of the top 15 in one the largest franchise groups in Australia.

From a marketing perspective, Henry does a lot different. Henry really, really embraces marketing, and understands its role in the chain of real estate value proposition. It’s an absolutely critical part of listing and selling real estate as we know. But Henry really focuses on his social community. He has an extremely strong social media presence. I think personally I’m liking three or four of Henry Wong’s posts everyday. There’s so much great content that Henry distributes to the community. It’s of great value. This video in and of itself is a really classic example of the lengths that Henry goes to to really promote himself, his brand. And Henry can work with people. It’s just absolutely incredible.

Henry Wong:
You can actually Google us. Just type in Henry Wong, and see that we actually create a social following, and it’s actually growing bigger and bigger. But we market property. We don’t just deal with active buyers. We deal with a lot of passive buyers that other agents that don’t have access to. Why? Because they’re not actively on the market on the online portals checking out every single week, which means you can’t find them. You need an agent that actually has established relationships with the passive buyers. That is where I guess we really, really strive.

The customer who eventually purchased our property, he had a relationship with Henry. Happened over a couple of years, Henry knowing that he was interested in the property. He had already been to an open house and seen the property. That was enough for him to make an offer, which was very satisfying for us. As I mentioned before, it exceeded our expectations. It really did.

One of the things that really stands out for me with Henry and his team is, one, their clearance rate. Henry’s got a really high clearance rate. He’s clearing 80% of his properties under the hammer. And since we’ve been running these virtual online auctions, he’s actually clearing 100%, which is absolutely tremendous. I think what delivers those results is his understanding of the process, the systems and the processes that they have in place, but also the relationships that they build with their buyers. Henry has got the highest number of average registered bidders per auction out of any of the clients that I deal with. I’m calling between 50 to 60 auctions a month, and our average number of registered bidders per auction sits at about 2.4 average register bidders. Henry’s currently delivering an average of eight registered bidders per auction which, again, is absolutely tremendous. That’s why we see great results on the day.

We decided to go to auction. In that time, we had a lot of interest, and we had a meeting with Henry on the Friday night before the auction. They had seven registered bidders at that stage. Then the day of the auction, we spoke to Henry about probably 15 minutes before the auction started, and they had a total of 16 registered bidders which was quite amazing. The whole team was amazing. They were so good to work with, and I would highly recommend him to anybody.

I was trying to sell a block of land. Prior to even going to market, Henry had three written offers presented to us. We had a price in mind, but those three offers were far higher than what we were looking at selling at. The clients are just good people. Henry attracts good people, good clients. Yeah. He’s just in a different league, head and shoulders above everyone else. Hence the reason personally I use him and refer clients to him.

I can remember calling Henry and said we’d like to make an offer. He came all the way. I think he would have been at Wishart or somewhere. It was late afternoon. Then went back to the sellers close to nine o’clock at night. I think my wife and I were in our pajamas … and delivered the news in person that we actually got the house. I think we were just beside ourselves. It was just exciting. That said a lot of things about that whole transaction that just stood out. We’ve we bought a house before, and nothing like that kind of interaction had happened. That’s an agent that goes above and beyond, which is why I had no hesitation recommending him to so many other people. Friends, family. Yeah. I want someone I can trust.

Henry Wong is real estate agent for Harcourts Beyond operating on the southside of Brisbane. If you need a no-obligation appraisal or would like some advice on the real estate market, get in touch with him today.