Henry’s Thoughts on Getting Advice

getting advice

In this episode of his real estate vlog, Henry Wong from Harcourts Beyond gives a piece of advice on… getting advice! Have a listen and see what his take is on who you should model your actions on.

“Hi, welcome to another episode of Henry’s Thoughts. Before we start, please follow us at @thehenrywongteam, where you get up to date advice on real estate and life. Now today, here’s one of the topics I really like to look up. It’s called “find someone who backs themselves”. Now, this has actually worked very well for me in my life so far, and I hope it does work well for you. This is just all based on my opinion and my beliefs. Look, if you’re looking at doing something in your life, my advice is to actually find someone that has actually succeeded at what you are trying to achieve. So say for example, you’re after getting fit and you want to actually lose 20 kilos. Would you actually choose a personal trainer who’s overweight or would you choose someone that’s actually fit? Another great example is if you’re looking at going into the sales profession, would you take advice from someone who’s actually broke, someone that hasn’t actually had runs on the board? Or would you take advice from someone that has runs on the board?

That’s what I mean. You want to take advice from people that have actually succeeded at what you are trying to achieve. Don’t get a bunch of people that have failed at what you’re trying to achieve. Number two, pay the money. Now, what exactly do I mean by that? Well, let’s say for example, you’re looking at getting some ramen noodles. Would you take your advice for someone that said, “Hey, these are great noodles,” but have never paid for it, or would you actually get advice from someone that has actually paid the ten dollars for a bowl of noodles? Wow, this is great. That’s what I actually mean by pay the money. So another aspect is what I mean by pay the money is always believe in someone where they actually put their money where their mouth is.

Say, for example, if you have a real estate agent like myself, if a real estate agent is telling you, “Hey, your property needs to be marketed professionally. You need professional photos, you need videos.” Well, check your agent’s social media. Do they have professional photos themselves? Are they actually paying money for professional photos to market themselves? If they’re not, well, I guess they’re not exactly paying the money, are they? So that’s what I mean by pay the money. If you have any other questions with regards to getting advice from people that actually back themselves, feel free to contact me for a chat.”