Sold… Before Auction!

sold before auction pumice street

We love a successful real estate auction at The Henry Wong Team®. But do you know what we love even more? Being able to sell a home before auction. That means we’ve been able to help our sellers get the price they wanted, and enter the next chapter in their lives, sooner than they anticipated.

That’s exactly what we managed to do at 11-18 Pumice Street in Eight Mile Plains. This exquisite villa in a sought-after complex in the ever-popular Eight Mile Plains definitely has mass ranging appeal. But there’s one thing that both the buyer and the seller fell in love with about the home.

Find out what it is lower down!

Our team makes it their job to find out what draws people to a property, and make sure as many people as possible see those features. The more people that are drawn to a home, the more competition there is and the more chance of the sellers realizing the actual value of the property.

Our Auction Strategy

Most of our auctions have a short marketing campaign of just 20 days. We follow an intensive strategy to ensure as many buyers as possible are exposed to the listing. Not just local buyers as well. In a thawing market it’s necessary to cast a listing’s net further afield, to interstate and international buyers.

That’s where our auction strategy comes to play. Here are some of its main elements:

– Over the years we’ve built up a large network of buyers around Australia and overseas. This includes many affluent Asian buyers. We keep in touch with them regularly and cultivate relationships with them over the years. When we list a home, we let them know first. Many of them are passive buyers, waiting for the right deal, so often this leads to a home being sold before it hits the market.

– We have a database of over 14,000 email addresses. We notify them at each listing, helping provide early traction to kick start the marketing campaign.

– Maintaining close relationships with members of the media allows us to get media coverage for listings in large publications like The Courier Mail.

– As well as using the main real estate portals, we leverage our large online following to ensure our listings reach an exponentially high number of people. It includes over 12,000 Facebook followers, 4,000 Instagram followers and 1,000 LinkedIn connections. This allows us to reduce our reliance on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

The Results at Pumice Street

We didn’t even need the 20-day marketing campaign to get Pumice Street sold at a price the seller was ecstatic with. After 13 days on market, the right buyer was found. The feature that they loved as much as the seller did? The garden!

In the 13 days we had 21 enquiries for the home over social media. We had a total of 32 group inspections of the home too.

sold before auction eight mile plains

Most important to us though, is that both the buyers and sellers are over the moon with the sale. They can now move on in their lives, and we wish them all the success in the world as they do so! Congratulations from The Henry Wong Team®!

If you have any questions about buying and selling real estate, particularly on the southside of Brisbane, please get in touch. Henry would love to help out!