Record Number of Bidders on Wishart Family Property

record bidders auction

record bidders auction

In a new record The Henry Wong Team® registered their most number of bidders EVER on a property with this double storey family home in Wishart. We’re particularly proud of this one for a number of reasons, but before we get into them let’s take a look at the home itself.

7 Montreal Street in Wishart sits on a large 570-square-metre corner block, with well-kept gardens and an exposed brick façade combining for some homely street appeal. Built when houses were made to last, there’s a sense of strength and durability about this home that we knew would appeal to families looking to make a lifetime of happy memories.

What We Achieved

After a short marketing campaign of 20 days, this large and welcoming property was  successfully sold at auction to a happy buyer.

In total we had 48 enquiries through Facebook, showing how we captured the marketing potential of social media in this campaign. 87 groups of people came to inspect the property, and on the day we had 17 registered bidders, which as previously stated is a personal auction real estate record for the Henry Wong Team®.

What we’re particularly proud about with this sale is that this home, although beautifully located in the heart of Wishart, doesn’t sit in the ever-popular Mansfield State High Catchment Area. It’s also an older unrenovated property. The way we went about our marketing meant that these factors played no part in the sale, and it actually ended up selling for more than a renovated house in the Mansfield State High Catchment sold, which was being marketed at the same time.

How We Achieved It

The Henry Wong Team® has been selling real estate in Brisbane for a number of years now, and we’ve learned a lot about marketing properties in that time. We’ve taken this knowledge and distilled it into a framework that we use to sell every property that we list.

It’s a framework that removes our reliance on the main real estate portals, using them in conjunction with social media, email and database marketing for maximum reach. Henry has spent thousands of dollars on courses, advisors, guru, social media adverts, testing what works and what doesn’t. All of that has been inputted into this framework, which is designed to increase the reach of his marketing in a big way.

We call it the ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework. It’s designed to get people changing the way they think about a property from ”why don’t you sell the house to me” to ”I want this house and will do whatever it takes to get it.” It’s been a massive factor in our auction clearance rate success, and we look forward to using it for your property.

The framework distils the process of selling a home into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Research. This is necessary because we want to physically inspect the property, assess the current state of play, what is the current environment like in the marketplace, what is the supply and demand like out there. This is kinda like planning for a war, you need to see what the current situation is like.
  • Phase 2: Pre-market. This is crucial because you need to plan out all the strategies you need to execute and prepare the tools you need in order to enter the market place. Like our analogy before about going to war, this is the planning stage and getting our tools and weapons ready.
  • Phase 3: Getting it sold. This is critical because these are the specific tactics we execute in accordance to our planned strategies to help get us sold aka ‘win the war’.

If you have any questions about how we can use the ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework in selling your home, please get in touch. Henry would love to have a chat.

In the meantime we’d like to congratulate the happy buyers and sellers from 7 Montreal Street in Wishart, we wish you all the best for the next chapter in your lives. A big thank you must go out to the whole team at Harcourts and the Henry Wong Team® for all their hard work, as well as to all the registered bidders on the day, and of course to you, our followers and readers who are so supportive in our journey.

We look forward to bringing you nothing but the best service in real estate sales and hope to chat soon.