Another Successful Online Auction by The Henry Wong Team®

online auction

online auction

At the Henry Wong Team® we love challenges. It gives us an opportunity to prove to ourselves and the industry that we’re adaptable and resilient, that all the effort we put in will stand us and our clients in good stead when the going gets a bit tough.

So when a challenge like COVID-19 comes along, we rise to the occasion and take it on headfirst. We find means of adjusting and making the most of the situation, and one of these is through our online auctions. We’ve done a few of these with great results so far, and we’re happy to report we’ve completed another successful online auction, this time for 2 Agaton Street in Wishart.

A stunning split-level, exposed brick family home with a swimming pool, this is a lovely property but it came with a challenge of its own. Sitting on the corner of Agaton Street and Mount Gravatt Capalaba Road, it’s located on a busy main road. Many people don’t want to live on a main road, so we had to effectively market this to the people who would appreciate the benefits of the home itself and its location.

We did this by focusing our marketing on the property itself and also on the benefits of having a home on the main road. For example, small business owners who work from home would appreciate its handy location and the extra exposure offered from drive-by traffic.

Our tactics paid off, and the property gained a lot of traction, even in the tricky COVID-19 environment. On our social media campaign we got 249,533 unique impressions, with 916 clicks through to the campaign page. The listing on realestate.com.au got 1643 page views, with 100 digital inspections, while the listing on domain.com.au got 666 page views.

We ended up getting 21 groups through the property, which after a 20-day campaign sold at online auction, with both buyers and sellers very happy with the deal.

Here at the Henry Wong Team® and at Harcourts Beyond, we place a massive emphasis on relationships with buyers and sellers, and this sale highlighted the importance of those relationships for us.

We’ve known the buyer at 2 Agaton since 2018, and they’ve been the underbidder at a number of our past auctions. We’ve worked hard at building and maintaining a strong professional relationship with them, having done 17 inspections with them and been in touch over 30 times over the past year and a half. Thanks to that relationship, we’ve managed to secure a sale for our seller.

We’re proud of our relationship with the seller too. We’ve been in touch with them since 2015, giving them updates as to what’s happening in the market and touching base just to say hello and see how they’re doing. We’ll focus on keeping this relationship going, even if we’re not currently selling a property for them.

Strong relationships with their clients are essential for a real estate agent to be successful. They’ve been a massive contribution to our 100% clearance rate for all our online auctions to date. If you have any questions about how we can achieve similar results to the successful auction sale at 2 Agaton, please get in touch. We’d love to chat.