Wishart and Mansfield Schools Excel Again

NAPLAN explained

The Queensland NAPLAN results for 2021 are in, and once again they help us determine the top academic schools in the state.

In terms of state schools, the Wishart and Mansfield area has been long boasted exceptional institutions, and this latest set of results proves this once again. Let’s take a look at our top state schools in the area and see how they performed.

Mansfield State High School

One of the brightest jewels in the crown of state schools in Brisbane, MSHS is a strong performer in all aspects of education, from sport to community. They are renowned for their academic prowess, as indicated by their 2021 NAPLAN results.

MSHS recorded a year 7 average of 582.6, a year 9 average of 618.8, making a secondary total of 1201.4. This put them as the second-best state school in Queensland when it comes to NAPLAN results, behind only Brisbane State School.

Built in 1974, MSHS has an enrolment of 3137 students. Their school motto of ‘Steadfast’ has been true over the years, with a pursuit of excellence gleaning positive reviews across the board. This continued consistency has led to an unmatched reputation in Queensland and beyond.

Wishart State School

This school has been a longtime drawcard to the suburb of Wishart, particularly for parents with kids of primary school age. With a good range of facilities and a team of committed staff, it’s a consistent high ranker and this year has been no exception.

Wishart State School’s NAPLAN results for 2021 were a year 3 average of 478 and a year 5 average of 545.4, giving a primary total of 1023.4. This places it in the top 10 of Queensland State Primary Schools, taking out the tenth spot.

Built in 1964, the school caters to just over 900 students. Its motto is ‘Gain for Endeavour’, and in adhering to this they have clearly defined the benchmark for schools on the southside of Brisbane.

Mansfield State School

Providing an excellent education for both boys and girls since 1970, Mansfield Sate School caters to children in Prep to Year 6. It’s a well-renowned and positively reviewed school, delivering quality result year after year. 2021 was no different.

They achieved excellent NAPLAN results, with a Year 3 average of 444 and a Year 5 average of 528.8, a combined primary total of 972.8 which places it 55th amongst the state schools in Queensland.

Established in 1970, Mansfield State School has 1196 students who get to enjoy the advanced facilities on offer and the high quality of academics. The motto of “Loyalty and Truth” is something that is instilled in every child, making this an evergreen choice for parents moving to the area.

NAPLAN Explained 

NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. It’s an annual, Australia-wide academic assessment of students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, and is a measure as to whether children are developing the numeracy and literacy skills that are so crucial in creating a bedrock for a student’s learning.

Students from all schools, state and private, take the NAPLAN test. It helps the government by providing data on what education programs are working. It also helps teachers and school staff monitor students’ progress within the national context, seeing where improvements can be made. Parents are also aided because it gives them an insight into where their children are at on their learning journey.

On the southside of Brisbane, we feel blessed to have such high-quality schools, delivering quality results year after year. If you have any questions about Mansfield State School, Mansfield State High School, Wishart State School or any of the other fine schools in this area, please get in touch with The Henry Wong Team®.