Making History in New Farm

oxlade sold

With the Henry Wong Team®, one thing is clear. No matter what suburb in Brisbane you’re selling in, our strategy gets results. The market may change, the area may change, but one thing is consistent. Happy sellers.

We have just sold 14-128 Oxlade Drive in New Farm. Bear in mind this is an area where units can sit on the market for 30 days, 60 days even without a result. The average number of registered bidders for an auction is two. In the current market, things are a bit tricky here.

The Property

Unit 14 sits in an older building of well over 40 years, in an incredible location with views of the Brisbane River. This was a deceased estate, and the home is unrenovated. This means that, although liveable, it needs a lot of work. And work on a property means expenses.

We had to find a buyer who fell in love with the location, and who had a unique vision for the property. They had to be able to see how they could make the home their own and put their personal touch to it. It was important they could see what a great investment this property is.

The buyer would be out there, we just had to find them.

The Henry Wong Team® Marketing Strategy

Our strategy is consistent because it yields results. It helps us find multiple buyers, both owner occupiers and investors, and then place them in a competitive environment to get the optimum price for our seller. Some of the cornerstones of our approach include:

Our network: We have built up a huge professional and personal network relating to everything real estate. This includes everyone from high-flying lawyers and accountants in Brisbane City who refer us, to buyers from around the world. An example, we secured the listing for this unit through an introduction from our estate lawyer, who is one of our referral partners.

Our overseas reach: We’ve cultivated strong relationships with affluent international buyers, particularly in China. Being a bilingual team helps us with communicating, gaining trust and negotiating. This was evident at Oxlade Drive, where the home was bought by Chinese investors. Henry’s ability to speak Chinese proved invaluable.

Social media and database marketing: We have a massive following on social media, including over 12,000 Facebook followers. This allows us to get significant traction that other agents don’t get. We also have an email database of over 13,000 contacts who know us and trust us. We always inform them when we get a listing, which has helped us sell many properties before they even go to market.

Marketing the area: As well as selling the property, we sell the area. This is particularly important for our out-of-area buyers, who want to know more about the location attractions.

Professional marketing material: We always want our listings to look their best and to really catch people’s eyes, highlighting what makes the property great. To do this we use professional photographers, videographers, copywriters and 3D creators.

The Results

With 14-128 Oxlade Drive, we had decided on a short 20-day campaign. We needed to drum up as much interest as possible in that time, to reach as many buyers as we possibly could.

We implemented the above strategy, building towards the auction.

It worked.

In 20 days, we took 44 groups of prospective buyers through the house. We ended up having five registered bidders and quite a crowd on auction day, as you can see in the video below.

Most importantly, we found that special buyer. The house sold on the day for above the reserve price, and both vendors and buyers were ecstatic. We’d like to congratulate all of you and wish you well as you move on to your next chapter in real estate.

Have a look at the video we made of the auction below. It was quite a day! Get in touch if you’d like a similar result for your home!