How Do I Know I’m Right?

How Do I Know I'm right

How can you tell if you’re on the right path in life and business? Specific measurables are useful in judging whether or not you’re being successful in your endeavours. Real Estate Agent and businessman Henry Wong talks about how he approaches this.

“Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here to talk about the topic, how do I know I’m right? I’m a businessman and a real estate agent as well, but when you’re running a business, you need to think about how do I know I’m right? Well, you actually have to look at your finances. You look on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly. How do you know you’re right in your business? Well, you look at your bank statements. At the end of the day, your bank doesn’t lie to you, right? You can’t exactly go to your bank, “Why don’t I have more money? Why do I have so much expenses?” You can’t ask your bank that, right? So you go to the bank, you get your bank statements and you have a look at how much money you have in the bank account. You look at your revenue, you look at your expenses.

What you have in the bank will tell you in business, are you on the right track, are you not? You look at things that you measure, the appointments that you have, the contracts that you have, the appraisals that you have. All these things that’s how you know if you’re right. A better way of thinking is always ask yourself, “How do I know I’m right?” Not letting the ego get in the way. “Look I’m definitely right. It’s my way or the highway.” I guess that’s the quickest way to go backwards.

Same thing as I have a two-year-old daughter, Chelsea, at this point in time. How do I know Jessie and I were right in raising her that she’s growing? How do we know? Well, she’s this tall. And then as months go by, she’s growing taller and taller. We measure her. We measure her height, that’s how we know she’s growing. The same thing as if you’re looking at losing weight. So how do you know you’re losing weight? Well, you look at the scales. You know what? At the end of the day, the scales, they don’t lie to you. Good luck arguing with the scales. If the scales are telling you you’re five kilos overweight, you’re five kilos overweight, there’s no argument there. So that’s how you know whether you’re right.

What I’m saying is that it’s always a good idea to track, to track where you’re at and that will determine whether you’re on the right course or not. Sometimes things can really be measured in numbers. Sometimes it could be relationships. Hey, are we on a good footing? How do you feel about it? On a scale of one to 10, how do you rate your experience? Is that a one, “I don’t want to talk to you.” Or 10, “I’m happy to be with you.” Or I’m happy with our business relationship or our friendship. If you keep on assessing things on regular basis, then you kind of know exactly where you’re at. So that’s my advice on “how do I know I’m right?”

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