How to Research a School

how to research a school

If you’re moving homes with your family, one of the first things you’ll want to do is know how to research a school in the area you’re moving to. There’s a handy method of how to research a school on the internet, explained in this video by Henry Wong.

Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re going to check out how to research a school. We can actually do that by going to a website called myschool.edu.au. Let’s say for example you’d like to check out some information on Mansfield State High. We click on find a school over here, scroll down, and we type in Mansfield State High. You can see it says the sector government, the type secondary, Mansfield, Queensland, 2599 students.

You can view more information. Click on view school profile. School facts, student backgrounds, school staff… so some brief information. You can also click on the link to the school website, which takes you over here, and you can also open the link to Department of Education Queensland as well. The school system or association website.

You can click on this tab, Mansfield State High School. Here we go. This is the school website. Education. About the Queensland Government Education Department.

Now let’s say you want to check out another school called Wishart State School. We click on find a school. We type here Wishart State School. Go. View school profile. You can see the 756 students. View school profile. This is all the information about the school. You can also visit the school website over here, and obviously the Department of Education of Queensland as well. Here’s the Wishart State School website, and obviously Education Department which we saw before.

Now you can also do this, the same thing as well for a, say a private school. Let’s say we go St Catherine’s. St Catherine’s Primary. St Catherine’s Primary School, 692 students, and view school profile.

This is for any school, not just public schools. You can also do the same thing, the same process with private schools too. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.