How to Check a Real Estate Agent’s Website

If a real estate agent takes their marketing seriously, they’ll have a good website. And if they’re good at marketing themselves, they’ll be good at marketing your home. Here’s what to look for in their website.

“Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here to research a real estate agent. Now we’ve actually been through in a previous video on how to check out the agent’s reviews, now we’re trying to look at the agent’s website. So some agents may have their own websites, some don’t. If they were very professional and very good at marketing themselves, they should have their own website. So ideally you want an agent that is also very good at marking themselves. If they are, hopefully they will do the same thing for your own home.

So now we’ll go to Google.com.au, and we’ll Google myself, Henry Wong. Now, what we’re after is my own namesake website. So the search results, we’ll go in and we’ll have a look at henry.wong.com.au. It’s very important that the agent has a dot au, because dot au ranks higher than a dot com. So see if the agent has their own namesake and a dot com dot au. So for us is henrywong.com.au.

So we click on that. Here we can see the website. Now when you scroll through the website, obviously you can see the home page over here, the latest properties that the agent has, testimonials, and blog posts. Now one of the key things to watch out for an agent’s website is their blog posts. Is it recent? So you see 8th of July, 5th of July, 26th of June, 18th of June. Now you want to see that the agent regularly puts up updates or types in entries to their blog posts to see how much they know about the industry, what’s going on. You always want to agent that’s always on the ball. So generally blog posts could be updated every week, every two weeks or every month. It should be a monthly thing.

You can also go to their blog posts in the links at the top, so hit blog. You can click into each of the blog posts to read their blog posts as well. There you have it. Now our website is actually both in English and Chinese, so these blog posts are also in Chinese. Now if you see at the top over here, we can click Chinese, there we go. And this is the blog posts. Now you might or not be able to read Chinese, but this is the blog post over here, so we click on that. As you can see, this is entirely in Chinese. Now bearing in mind if the agent markets to Chinese buyers, they must have everything on their website in both English and Chinese.

Now Google Translate does not work. A lot of people that design websites over here uses Google Translate. It doesn’t work in China, because Google is not allowed in China. So you must be professionally translated or the agent writes it themselves without Google Translate.

Now we’ll head back to English, we’ll click the English over here. So we have actually two separate websites, henrywong.com.au, which is English, and Chinese.henrywong.com.au, which is entirely in Chinese. Now buyers can navigate both in either English or Chinese. So look at our current listings, buying, property listings at this point in time. Now as you can see, these are our current listings. Now if the agent sells a lot to overseas buyers or buyers that don’t live here, ideally, when you click into a listing, let’s say we click into this one, in Carondale. Now when you scroll down, ideally you want to see a currency converter as well. So the currency converter will actually, here we go, help you convert the currencies, especially when you’re overseas in China, UK, USA, because we deal a lot with international buyers, we actually have that.

Now this is how we present the listing. So obviously you have the property over here, very nice professional photos, scroll through. You also want to see do they have any plans, so you click on the floor plan over here. There we go. Now we head back to here. You also want to see do they have any other videos. So for us, basically all our listings have videos, you can click on the property video here, to watch the video, there we go. I’ll just turn down the volume here. So you can see the property video, over here. It’s all motion picture video, which means this is not photo stitched together. It’s actually motion picture. So that means you can’t really Photoshop a motion picture video.  So there you have it. And also, at times, we also have a sub web profile as well. So that’s how we actually market listings.

Now you also want to go to the agents website to look at the properties that have recently sold. Now for us, we click on the sold property, these are all the latest properties we have recently sold. When I say sold, means either unconditional, or has already settled. So these are all the ones over here, as you can see. Now because we sell quite a lot of properties, between 20 to 30 percent of market, generally these properties aren’t displayed at all.

Now a quick thing is, we’ll head back to one of our current listings, now we’ll head to that Carondale one. Now because we market to both English and Chinese buyers, what we can do is we see a link down here, says Chinese, now we can open a new tab, so it’s like the same thing as clicking on this Chinese link over here, and in this new tab we can actually see the actual property entirely in Chinese. So we make it very, very, very easy for Chinese buyers to have a look through. Now as I mentioned, if the agent markets in an area where there’s 10, 20, 30 even more than 50% of the buyers being of Chinese heritage, it is very important they have your listing in Chinese as well, that is not Google Translate.

So we’ll head back to the English version over here. And there you have it. That’s how you check the agent’s website. You can also have a quick browse through, on how to contact them, about, about their team. They’ll have information I guess such as their awards. I guess these days a lot of people have awards. So about, Henry Wong Team, there you go. Here’s about our team, the awards that we have. And also we have some more testimonials, so ideally, they should have links to testimonials as well. So about, click testimonials. So our testimonials over here, on agent. And that’s how you actually analyze the agents website.

So just remember, on their website, what you’re looking for is the agent on the ball, check out how they market properties, what they’ve sold recently, but most importantly, have a look at their blog posts. Is that recent? Is that updated, every two weeks, every week, every month. You want to see regular updates. It also shows you the, I guess, the buyer or the seller, that’s the agents on the ball, they know what they’re talking about, and they’re very informative. That’s what you’re after. So there you have it. This is how you check out a real estate agent’s website.

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