Why Good Relationships Trump Everything Else

good relationships

In this real estate vlog Henry Wong from Harcourts Beyond explains why good relationships are so important to real estate agents.

“Welcome to another episode of Henry’s Thoughts. Right here, I’m talking about relationships. Now, it’s very important that we have good relationships with both homeowners and well as with buyers. You see, quite often, we actually sell a number of properties off-market. What I mean by that is the property is actually not advertised on the main portals online.

Sometimes we actually have buyers that we speak to and they’re after a particular type of property. Say, for example, a five-bed, three-bath, two-car must be a battle-ax block because they don’t like to have frontage. They’d like to have a bit of privacy and a bit of extra space in case they need to build a granny flat.

We actually think about all the homeowners that we know that have that particular property, and we give them a call and say, “Hey, you know, we actually have a particular buyer that really suits your home. Now, I don’t know if you’re looking to do anything, but can we have a conversation?” Now, this is exactly how we put two and two together. So, our role is pretty much a matchmaker. We’re a real estate matchmaker.

Sometimes we also match-make a buyer and a seller with regards to … When a buyer is actually talking to us, and they say, “Henry, look, we’ve been looking at these specific suburbs.” Let’s say, “I’ve been looking at Eight Mile Plains, Sunnybank Hills, Calamvale, Stretton. I can’t find what I’m after. Look, I’m looking at spending around up to $950,000. I’m after this particular house with this kind of car, but I can’t really find what I’m after.”

Now, because I know what they’re after, I say, “Look, have you considered Wishart?” “No, not Wishart. We haven’t really considered that.” But what you’re saying is that it ticks all those boxes. And we have actually sold houses in Wishart and Mansfield exactly like that. We’re actually bringing a buyer that was not considering buying in the area to have a look at Wishart and Mansfield that ended up buying the house, because we knew exactly what they were after.

We also get a lot of referrals from buyers and a lot of referrals from sellers. You see, sometimes buyers refer us to their friends that are looking to buy, and sellers also refer to us to their friend that are also looking to sell. So, it’s very good to have great relationships with both buyers and sellers because sometimes you just need to find the one right buyer or the one right seller in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Because if it wasn’t for that one right buyer, or the one right seller, it just won’t work.

Same with a property. If a property is very particular, it’s not your generic property, you need to find a very, very, very special buyer. And if that very special buyer doesn’t live in the area or hasn’t considered the area, you actually need the agent to introduce that buyer to your home. Now, unless the agent has very good relationships, this may not actually come about.

So, there you have it. This is what I mean by you need to have very good relationship with both buyers and sellers. And as you can, check out our reviews on realestate.com.au or even at Google Reviews and Rate My Agent. You can see that we have very good reviews from both buyers and sellers.”

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