How to Check Out a Real Estate Agent’s Online Reviews

Check out a real estate agents online reviews

Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your home is important. You need to do your research, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to check out a real estate agent’s online reviews. There are a couple of important sites in Australia to check out, and in this vide Henry Wong explains how to use them to research an agents credibility and skill.

“Hi, I’m Henry Wong. So you’ve actually outlined a few agents to research. Now this is a short video on how to check out an online agent’s review, so I’ll use myself as an example. We’ll type in Henry Wong, now as you can see, when you type in Henry Wong, Henry Wong, Harcourts Beyond comes up. This is realestate.com.au, you click on that and you can see all our reviews on realestate.com.au. You click on the 43 reviews, you can see how many stars, 43 reviews, you click on that.

Now what you are after, when you look at the realestate.com.au reviews is not just a number of reviews or the stars. What you want to see is a combination of both buyer and seller reviews, as you can see, buyer, seller, buyer, buyer, seller, seller. What you’re after is, you want to make sure that the agent also has a very good relationship with both the buyers and the seller because it takes two to tango. You don’t want to get an agent which only has good reviews from sellers, you need the agent to have good reviews from buyers as well.

So, if we go back to Google, now, if you actually can’t find the agent when you type in their name, if they’re not very highly ranked on Google, what you can do is you type in the agent, so Henry Wong, space realestate.com.au, and then this should pop up as the first search result if they didn’t pop up before. Now we head back to Henry Wong again, the search result. Another thing is you should check if they are actually on Google. Now, a lot of agents are not on Google at all. Now, if the agent is very, very good at marketing, they should be on Google. So as you can see, this is us, we have 70 Google reviews, all five stars. As you click on that, you can see the reviews that we have on Google.

Now those are our Google reviews, another good review platform to have a look at is Rate My Agent. As you can see, 52 reviews for Henry Wong at Harcourts Beyond, Rate My Agent. There you go. Again, you’re after the buyer and vendor recommended, vendor, meaning seller. You’re after a combination of both buyer and seller reviews, it’s very important that you also have both. Scroll through and read those other reviews as well.

There you have it. When you’re doing the reviews, always check out their realestate.com.au reviews, as this is where the eyeballs are. You have to check the Google reviews. Now, if the agent’s very, very good at online marketing, generally if they are, they’re very good at marketing your home, they must have Google reviews. And number three is the Rate My Agent reviews. So there you have it. Any questions, feel free to contact me.”