Brisbane’s Future is Bright

There’s a definite buzz to Brisbane these days. Interstate and international migration is high, with the allure of the Sunshine State proving strong to many people around the world. We have the Olympics on the horizon too, which is already starting to shape our city in some way.

We’re riding a wave of popularity, our real estate has been through a boom recently and we’ve weathered the pandemic nicely. But what does this mean for our infrastructure? Are we going to change and adapt and continue our appeal as a world class city to live in?

You bet we are. Have a look at some of the exciting infrastructure projects on the cards that are going to propel Brisbane into the future.

Cross River Rail

Artists impression of Albert Street Station. Source: Brisbane Development

As the population of Brisbane grows, public transport needs to advance too. Cross River Rail is one of the largest projects to arise out of this need. This new 10.2-kilometre railway line runs from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills. It includes 5.9-kilometres of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and the city centre and will unlock major bottlenecks in the transport network.

As well as bringing four new train stations, it will include upgrades to many existing stations and will also facilitate easier travel to the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Live Entertainment Area 

Cross River Rail will build a new underground station at Roma Street, and the old transit centre will be turned into a brand-new entertainment complex. Built in the style of Madison Square Gardens in New York, it will have an 18,000 seat capacity, ideal for sports, music and art events.

The complex will be built over railways, roads and property and will enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and technology. It will save Brisbane residents from having to travel to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall for events.

Queens Wharf

Skydeck at Queens Wharf. Source: Brisbane Development

A $3.6-billion development is underway that will put Brisbane on the map as a tourism, leisure and entertainment destination. Covering more than 12-hectares of CBD land, Queens Wharf will take what is currently an under-utilised part of the CBD and turn it into an oasis for visitors.

The integrated resort development will include luxury hotels, residence apartments, restaurants, cafes, bars, retail shops, a casino and a Sky Deck. There will also be a new pedestrian bridge across the river to South Bank, and heritage buildings will be blended with modern architecture.

Victoria Park/Barrambin

Victoria Park concept. Source: Brisbane Development

We love the Vision for Victoria Park on the northside of the city. The 18-hole golf course is going to be turned into the biggest new park Brisbane has seen in 50 years, an equivalent to New York’s Central Park. It will be a magical space with lakes, waterholes, cycleways, edible gardens and adventure trails! There’ll even be a giant treehouse!

The area has always been important to the Turrbal/Jagera Indigenous people, and it’s great that they have representatives working as consultants on the project. In the past it was an important fishing and hunting campsite for them that was also a ceremonial ground, and its great that these historic indigenous ties will be a part of this project.

You can check out more about this project here.

The Brisbane Waterfront

Another upgrade to CBD river frontage comes in the form of Waterfront Brisbane. This is a $2.1-billion project that will redevelop Eagle Street Pier. 7,900m2 will be opened up, two new towers will be built, and the Riverwalk will be turned into a 1.2-kilometre promenade for pedestrians and cyclists, who will also enjoy improved access to the city.

Plans also include space for a riverside lap pool open to the public, as well as an integration with the proposed Kangaroo Point Green Bridge.

That’s just a portion of the incoming and current developments in Brisbane at the moment. It’s clear this is a city with a bright future!

If you have any questions about real estate here, particularly on the southside of Brisbane, Henry Wong will be more than happy to answer them for you.  He grew up here, has watched Brisbane grow and is excited to share it with you in the future!