Australia Day and Real Estate

Australia day and real estate

Here at the Henry Wong Team® we’re excited that Chinese New Year and Australia Day fall so close to each other. It gives us a chance to celebrate all aspects of our cultural heritage, acknowledge our past and look to our future.

Australia Day is a huge celebration in this country, falling on the 26th of January. That’s a Sunday this year, so the public holiday will be moved to the Monday. Mark it in your diaries that Monday 27th of January will be a public holiday, so take the day off!

What does Australia Day Mean for Real Estate?

Well, it’s a long weekend. The first one of the year at that, so a lot of people might use the opportunity to take a break from the busy first few weeks of 2020. There might be less people around, so expect attendance at home opens to be down.

On the flipside, those who do turn up to home opens will be pretty committed buyers, so it’ll be worth having the interactions with them.

If you’re a buyer, you might find that some vendors choose not to do a home open this weekend. An alternative would be for you to ring up their agent and book in a private inspection either side of the long weekend.

Why Australia Day is Particularly Important This Year  

It’s been a rough few months for Australia. The brutal bushfires have decimated our land, taking people’s lives, livelihoods and homes. We feel that this is a good time as a nation to come together reflect on what we’ve lost. But also to reflect on what we have. If anything this tragedy has shown the indomitable spirit of the Australian people, how we support each other and stand by each other in times of need.

The last few months have been a beautiful example of the core Australian value of ‘mateship’. Fund raisers for firemen have shattered world records, people from all walks of life have donated, shared and given time and resources to helping overcome the challenges of the bushfires.

We believe that is something really worth celebrating this year. It makes us incredibly proud to be Australian.

What Else We Love About Australia Day

Celebrate our Diversity and our Unity: Australia is a truly multi-cultural society, and each one of us contributes to this unique blend of humanity. This is a time to acknowledge us all as Australians, but to respect our history too.

We find it especially exciting that across Australia 16,000 people will be taking their citizenship ceremonies and becoming Australian. Congratulations to all of you!

Spend Time with Family and Friends: Who doesn’t love a day off to spend some time with those closest to you? Throw some shrimps on the barbie, play some good music and enjoy a day of relaxing in the summer sun.

Acknowledging our Freedom and Democracy: We’re pretty lucky to live where we do. Our economy is good, our country is peaceful and we have a democratically elected government. It’s important to be grateful for that.

Appreciating the Beauty of Australia: Seriously, how beautiful is our country? Many people take the opportunity to go away over Australia Day, and so they should. It’s a perfect time to take in the scenery, the landscapes and the attractions that make this land so stunning. Enjoy it.

We hope you have a good Australia Day on January 26th, and that you enjoy the public holiday the next day. Give a member of the Henry Wong Team® a call to find out about our home open schedule, and remember we’d love to answer any questions you have about the real estate industry in Brisbane.