A Successful Sale in Time for Christmas with the ‘Your Next Chapter’ Framework

Your Next Chapter Framework

Your Next Chapter Framework

The Henry Wong Team® have done it again, selling 18 Gippsland Place under the hammer on November 14th.

For us it’s not just about selling houses, it’s about building relationships and helping people with a very important stage of their lives. Every one of our clients has a story, and our job is to help them move onto the next chapter in their story with a smile on their faces.

The sellers of 18 Gippsland were definitely smiling.

They desperately needed a change of scenery, and wanted to move closer to their family who live interstate. Ideally, they would all be together for Christmas.

Enter The Henry Wong Team® and our ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework, which allows us to sell houses efficiently and effectively. It’s why we’ve got an 87% clearance rate for homes under the hammer, and it’s how we ensured this family will be united for Christmas.

What is the “Your Next Chapter” Framework?

We’ve been selling real estate in Brisbane for a long time, during which we’ve achieved a high level of sales success. To maintain these levels, Henry has invested tens of thousands of dollars and many, many hours in training and learning from marketing gurus.

Social media ads and strategies have been tried and tested, courses have been taken and consultations with the leading minds in sales and marketing have taken place.

The result is a framework designed to supplement the main real estate portals like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au and ensure the Henry Wong Team® isn’t heavily reliant on them. It’s a framework that takes buyers on a journey and shifts their mindset from “why don’t you sell me this house?” to “I will do anything to make this house mine!”

It’s a framework that reaped in 39 Facebook buyer enquiries for 18 Gippsland Place and led to 39 group inspections during the 20-day marketing campaign.

It’s a framework that’s helped us sell this family home, unconditionally, so that the vendor could move onto their next chapter. Stress free. In time for Christmas.

The Importance of an Unconditional Sale

When you’re looking for an estate agent to sell your home, it’s important you ask them how long it takes them to get an unconditional contract. An unconditional contract comes with no specific conditions to the sale. It’s the most efficient contract of sale in real estate.

Conditions can add many days, weeks or even months to a sale, really slowing down the pace at which the buyers and sellers get to move onto their next chapter. For example a sale with a 21 days finance condition will take 41 days to become unconditional: 20 days on market, plus 21 days for finance. Conditions can include things like a cooling-off period, finance conditions or building and pest conditions.

The Henry Wong Team® from Harcourts Beyond has sold 13 of our last 15 properties unconditionally, under the hammer. Not only that, but each of those properties only had a 20 day marketing campaign. That’s an 87% clearance rate… with unconditional contracts.

When you sell a home with us, you know you’re going to be moving onto the next chapter of your life in no time at all. We don’t want to delay the trajectory of your life with conditional contracts and cooling-off periods. What you get is a 20-day marketing campaign and a high chance of an unconditional contract at the end of it.

If you have any questions about the “Your Next Chapter” framework and how it could help your life move forward, please get in touch with one of our team.