Lucky Number 8 Sells in Wishart

8 Pleasant Place

In Chinese culture the number ‘8’ is not any old number – it resonates with a magical charm, revered as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Even it’s pronunciation of ‘ba’ echoes ‘fa’, the Chinese word for fortune. For these reasons ‘8’ has always been not just appreciated, but coveted, in the world of Australian…Read More→

A Closer Look at Labor’s ‘Help to Buy’ Scheme

Labors help to buy scheme

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the ‘Help to Buy’ Scheme proposed by Anthony Albanese’s Labor government as a means of tackling home ownership unaffordability. Home ownership is a huge topic across Australia right now. We’ve experienced unprecedented growth in property prices, and this is making it harder and harder for first…Read More→

Another Wishart Home Sold Prior to Auction

another wishart home sold

The Henry Wong Team® has sold another Wishart family home before it went to auction, leveraging our massive social media influence and large database to get the best price possible for our sellers. 6 Fair Street sits on a quiet street, well located within easy reach of all the major drawcards of Wishart. It’s a…Read More→

Privacy and the Affluent

In our data-driven world privacy is a basic right that should be afforded to everybody. Privacy is our right to protect the information we don’t want to share publicly. It allows us to maintain personal, business and family personas away from the public eye. It’s tied in with our sense of freedom from control, the…Read More→

What’s Happening in the Real Estate Market

the real estate market

The real estate market, like the rest of Australia, has had a challenging year. The pandemic has ensured plenty of uncertainty, which has made things difficult for buyers and sellers. Often I get asked is this a good time to buy or sell, and to that my answer is always “You need to do what…Read More→

Australia Day and Real Estate

Australia day and real estate

Here at the Henry Wong Team® we’re excited that Chinese New Year and Australia Day fall so close to each other. It gives us a chance to celebrate all aspects of our cultural heritage, acknowledge our past and look to our future. Australia Day is a huge celebration in this country, falling on the 26th…Read More→

A new chapter for Brisbane’s Henry Wong Team

Henry Wong Team Moves to Harcourts Beyond

ELITE AGENT  | 20 January, 2020   Brisbane’s Henry Wong Team is set to embark on an exciting new chapter after recently joining forces with Harcourts Beyond. Located on Brisbane’s Southside, the Henry Wong Team has established itself as a dominant real estate business, receiving multiple awards as a top RE/MAX agent and notching up numerous titles….Read More→

How to Figure Out School Holiday and Term Dates

How to Figure Out School Holiday and Term Dates

Need help keeping track of the school terms? Here’s how to figure out school holiday and term dates. Use this handy function from Google, explained by real estate agent Henry Wong. Hi, I’m Henry Wong. Say you want to check out the school holidays, we go to our trusty friend Google here and we type…Read More→

How to Calculate Due Dates in Real Estate

How to calculate due dates in real estate

Worried about how to calculate due dates in real estate transactions? Don’t be, here Henry shows you a way to stay on top of your timeline and never miss a due date. “Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here to calculate due dates. Say for example I’m looking at selling my property and I’ve just received…Read More→

Telling the Difference Between Professional and Amateur Stylists

Telling the difference between professional and amateur stylists

When a property is on the market professional staging can make a world of difference. But sometimes the stylist gets it wrong – they use cheap furniture, or they don’t successfully match the furniture to the type of house. How can you spot the difference between a professional and an amateur stylist? Henry Wong discusses….Read More→

How to Sell Your Property at Auction

How to Sell your property at auction

With auctions becoming an increasingly popular means of selling your home in Australia, it’s an option you should definitely looks at when you’re selling. Remax’s Number One Chinese Real Estate Agent Henry Wong discusses how to sell your property at auction in this real estate vlog post. “Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here to talk…Read More→

How to Buy a Property At Auction

How to buy a property at auction

Auctions are becoming more popular around Australia as a means of selling a home. So there’s a fair chance that if you find your dream home, you might have to go through an auction process to purchase it. Don’t be daunted, Henry Wong breaks down exactly how to buy at auction. ‘Hi, I’m Henry Wong….Read More→