Lucky Number 8 Sells in Wishart

8 Pleasant Place

In Chinese culture the number ‘8’ is not any old number – it resonates with a magical charm, revered as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Even it’s pronunciation of ‘ba’ echoes ‘fa’, the Chinese word for fortune. For these reasons ‘8’ has always been not just appreciated, but coveted, in the world of Australian real estate. 

So when we listed 8 Pleasant Place in Wishart, we knew this would cause a stir in the market. The number alone would pique the interest of many buyers, never mind the fact that this is a lovely, 5-bedroom family home on a 700-metre block in a sought after part of Wishart. 

Pique interest it did! Have a look at the video below to see the crowd and get an idea of how the day unfolded.

Real Estate Marketing with the Henry Wong Team®

The number 8 and the beautiful home won’t magically draw buyers in, however. It needs to be supported by an intensive and successful marketing campaign. The Henry Wong Team® in this case had a short marketing period of 14 days available to them before the home went to auction. Before we talk about the results we managed to achieve in that short time frame, let’s look at the tactics we use when marketing a home. 

One of the cornerstones of our campaigns is leveraging the power of our expansive network, which we have built up over many years. Members of our network know us and trust us – we have built up relationships with them based on honesty and clear communications.  Because of this, they’re always happy to refer our listings onto their friends, family and own network members. This gives each listing massive traction in a short period of time.

Allied to this is our large cyber network – our social media following. With over 12,000 Facebook followers and 4,400 Instagram followers, plus an ever growing LinkedIn network, any listing we place on the major real estate portals isn’t restricted to those platforms. Instead, thanks to our engaged online audience, it’s liked and shared and reaches more and more people. 

Fortune Favours the Brave

After 14 days of marketing, the auction day documented in the above video arrived. The bidding was intense, the crowd was involved every step of the way, and in the end fortune favoured the brave! As the gavel crashed down an international buyer emerged victorious, for lucky number eight had smiled on them that day! 

You won’t believe this, but the successful buyer was actually bidder number 8, and the seller of the home has gone on to buy a number 8 property themselves! The lucky number was definitely woven into the success of that auction day. 

Let’s take a look at some of the auction statistics from the auction: 

  • 138 physical group inspections.
  • 24 registered bidders on the day.
  • 5 written offers prior to auction.
  • Sold for $1,430,000, well above the reserve price set by the seller. 

All in all, a successful day for lucky number 8 Pleasant Place, the new owners and the sellers. Everyone goes onto their next chapters feeling happy! 

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