Why Brisbane Property Prices Are Rising

ATO tax clearance certificate

The property market is an extremely important cornerstone of the Australian economy, shaping policy and public sentiment in a big way. Owning a house is fundamental to achieving ‘the Australian Dream’, and as such real estate seems to dominate many of our media headlines. It’s talked about a LOT in all sectors of society! Perhaps…Read More→

Brisbane Real Estate’s Spring Turnaround

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The Brisbane real estate market is looking set to spring into action as the weather warms up and property listings are on the rise. These are positive signs for vendors and buyers, who can both take advantage of what is traditionally an extremely busy season in real estate. If you’re looking to move onto the…Read More→

Buying Subject to Sale Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

subject to sale

We often encounter property owners who aren’t making the next move in their life because they don’t feel they’re in a financial position to do so. Here’s the thing through – the real estate industry, by its very nature, doesn’t stand still. So there’s no reason that homeowners should feel they have to stand still. …Read More→

Lucky Number 8 Sells in Wishart

8 Pleasant Place

In Chinese culture the number ‘8’ is not any old number – it resonates with a magical charm, revered as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Even it’s pronunciation of ‘ba’ echoes ‘fa’, the Chinese word for fortune. For these reasons ‘8’ has always been not just appreciated, but coveted, in the world of Australian…Read More→

Record Brisbane Property Prices Incoming?

record brisbane property prices incoming

We’ve weathered quite the real estate storm over the past few months, but according to a report from Domain good things are on the horizon for Brisbane and four other capital cities. Before we get to their reasons for this, let’s take a look at property cycles, and where we are potentially sitting in the…Read More→

Can You Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent?

Can you sell your home without a real estate agent

When many people think of selling their home, one of their first questions is whether they need a real estate agent to help with the sale. With the amount of information on the internet, it can’t be too hard to figure out the process. Plus, there are businesses out there set up purely to help…Read More→

9 Dalmarnock Street, Enoggera in The Courier Mail

9 dalmarnock

A strong professional network in the real estate industry is as valuable as gold. When used effectively, it helps an agent spread the word about a listing through sources that buyers look up to and trust. The Henry Wong Team® has developed a wide-ranging professional network over many years. We particularly enjoy using our connections…Read More→

The Importance of a Strong Referral Network

Being a real estate agent is like running any other business. It takes strategy, planning and marketing astuteness. It takes a commitment to getting your name out there, to promoting your brand. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through creating a strong referral network. Today we want to look at what…Read More→

The Shock Queensland Property Tax Isn’t Happening


You may recall a couple of weeks ago we told you about the shock property levy the Queensland government had decided to introduce. It was a move that was met with condemnation from a number of fronts and from the other Australian states. They labelled it a cash grab that would be detrimental to the…Read More→

Soaring to a New Altitude

12 altitude street rochedale

12 Altitude Street in Rochedale is a special home, so we always had a feeling the auction there would soar to higher heights! And soar it did. During a short but intense marketing campaign the Henry Wong Team® pulled out all the stops. We pushed this listing out to our massive social media following (over…Read More→