The Power of Online Reviews

power of online reviews

In the world of social media companies are more accountable than ever. Real estate agents certainly aren’t exempt from this. If you perform badly, you get a bad review online and the whole wide world can see it. On the other hand, if your clients like the way you performed, chances are they’ll leave you…Read More→

How to Check Out a Real Estate Agent’s Online Reviews

Check out a real estate agents online reviews

Choosing the right real estate agent to sell your home is important. You need to do your research, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to check out a real estate agent’s online reviews. There are a couple of important sites in Australia to check out, and in this vide Henry…Read More→

How to Check a Real Estate Agency’s Reviews

Real estate agents are backed and supported by their agency office, who facilitate their administration, marketing, communications and much more. You want to make sure that the agent you’re thinking of using works through a reputable, honest real estate agency office. You can figure this out by checking their online reviews. In this vlog Henry…Read More→

How to Check Your Agent’s Online Reviews

Customer feedback is an important way to check out a real estate agent before you enlist their services. You should always check out the online reputation of an agent before you sell your home with them. Here Henry tells you how. “Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here to have a look at how to check…Read More→