How to Check a Real Estate Agency’s Reviews

Real estate agents are backed and supported by their agency office, who facilitate their administration, marketing, communications and much more. You want to make sure that the agent you’re thinking of using works through a reputable, honest real estate agency office. You can figure this out by checking their online reviews. In this vlog Henry tells you how.

“Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here to check out the reviews of our real estate office. So you’ve shortlisted a few agents at this stage and you’ve checked out their online reviews. Next step is to check out the reviews of the actual real estate office of which they come from. Why? Because the office is the backbone or the support of the real estate agent. So ideally, you want to see good reviews of the agent as well as the office. So right now we’ll use my office as an example. We’re on google.com.au, we’ll type in Remax United Vision.

So here are the search results, we went to look at the right-hand side. So the right-hand side we can see that Remax United Vision has been registered with Google. There are 4.7 stars, 63 Google reviews. We’ll click on this 63 Google reviews. You can go through these yourselves and look through the Google reviews. So these Google reviews are generally from landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers and tradespeople that deal with the office. Sometimes there could also be some reviews from the agents themselves on what a great environment it is to work in there, or not so great. So fortunately for us, we have very, very good reviews of the office.

So we’ll close that. Now with the Google reviews, ideally you want to see obviously higher rankings, as close to five stars as possible. You also want to see the number of Google reviews. If there’s zero Google reviews, you get a question. What happened to the agency’s digital footprint? If they were so good at marketing, why don’t they have many Google reviews? Also, if the Google reviews, you want to look through them yourselves and sometimes when you see reviews that aren’t so good, you really need to think about, “Are the comments reasonable? Are they not reasonable? Is it spam?” So that’s just something you have to think about.

Now on our Google search results, we also want to scroll down and have a look at the Rate My Agent reviews. So we click on that. Now Rate My Agent is an online testimonial or review platform where agents can actually put in testimonials from both buyers and sellers. So these are actual buyers and sellers that have transacted with the office or their real estate agent. So we scroll through and we can look at the reviews.

Now as you can see the first review, it just so happens to be from me. It’s a buyer from Wishart. They actually bought from us off market. We scroll down. This is another buyer review. This is for a house in McKenzie. As we scroll through, we can see reviews from other agents as well in the office. As I mentioned, these are reviews from actual buyers and sellers that have transacted with agents in the office.

So we’ll scroll back up. There you have it. We have 4.9 stars for the office out of 335 reviews. So obviously with that many reviews and that high star ranking, buyers and sellers obviously had a very good experience with us. So with regards to checking out the reviews for an office, make sure you go on Google, type in the office name itself, look at the right-hand side of the page and check out the Google reviews. Plus, go back to the search results and check out the Rate My Agent reviews. If you like what you see or you like what you hear, please share this with all your friends and family. And also if you find this on Facebook, please like this post.”