How to Check Your Agent’s Online Reviews

Customer feedback is an important way to check out a real estate agent before you enlist their services. You should always check out the online reputation of an agent before you sell your home with them. Here Henry tells you how.

“Hi, I’m Henry Wong. We’re here to have a look at how to check the reviews of a real estate agent. We’ll check the reviews on realestate.com.au, Rate My Agent, Google, and Facebook to see what the public’s perception of the real estate agent is. I’ll use myself as an example.

I’ll hop onto our trusty friend, Google. We’ll type in realestate.com.au and then put space Henry Wong. Now, as you can see, the first search result is realestate.com.au/agent/henrywong, that links to myself, so we click on that. As you can see, Henry Wong five stars, 23 reviews. This is at this point in time. Now, one thing to take note of, realestate.com.au has a 12 month rolling review meaning that these reviews are always updated as time goes by as each month goes by. So, next month’s review 13 months ago those reviews will no longer be there, so this is actually rolling 12 months to bear that in mind.

So we see Henry Wong, five star, 23 reviews. We can click on the 23 reviews right here. Now you can see all the reviews here. Now, what you’re looking for when you scroll through the reviews apart from reading it, is that you want to see a combination of both buyers and sellers. Now if the agent only has reviews from sellers, it means that… I don’t know, they may or may not have a good experience with buyers. You want to see a good mix of buyers’ reviews as well as sellers’ reviews. So as you can see on our reviews, we have buyer of a house in Wishart, buyer of a house in MacKenzie, buyer of a house in Carindale. Seller of a house in Mansfield, seller of a house in Mansfield, seller of residential land, buyer of townhouse. So as you can see, you want to see a good mix of reviews between buyers and sellers.

So there you have it. There’s the review for realestate.com.au. Now, we will head back to our trusty friend, Google. Google.com.au and we will now check out the reviews on Rate My Agent. So we’ll type in Rate My Agent space, Henry Wong. Now you can see the search results here. 28 reviews for Henry Wong, Remax United Vision. So you have ratemyagent.com.au/realestateagents/henrywong. So we’ll click on that. Now, Google hasn’t quite updated this yet, it’s actually 33 reviews. Again we’ll go through the same exercise. So you see four point nine stars, you want to see when you scroll through, apart from reading the reviews itself, you want to see a combination of both buyer and seller reviews. So, we see buyer recommended, buyer recommended, buyer recommended, vendor recommended. Vendor recommended means seller recommended. Vendor recommended, vendor recommended, buyer, buyer, vendor, vendor. So there you go, that’s Rate My Agent review for real estate agent.

Again you want to see a combination of reviews between buyers and sellers. Now, we’ll head back to Google again. And we’ll look at other platforms. So obviously when you’re actually researching someone and checking out their recommendations and what the public perception is of the agent, you also want to see how they come up on Google. So we’ll type in Henry Wong. Henry Wong or the Henry Wong team, either way. Just type in my name, Henry Wong. Now as you can see, you have Henry Wong Remax United Division, that’s me. Realestate.com.au, my own website henrywong.com.au. Now we’re here today to have a look at reviews. So we look at the right hand side and you can see on the right hand side over here, you see the Henry Wong team and you see five star, 24 Google reviews.

Now, if an agent is actually very active, if they have done quite a lot of transactions, provide very good experience to both buyers and sellers as well as have good experience with their office, their colleagues, their suppliers. That is a photographer, copywriter, other professionals, tradespeople. They should have very good reviews on Google. So you want to make sure that the agent you deal with, the public’s perception and their experience is very good. So we look at the Henry Wong team, five star, 24 Google reviews. We click on the 24 Google reviews and you can see all the Google reviews over here and at this point in time, I’ve got five stars and 24 reviews.

Now next thing that we look at is Facebook. So go to Google.com.au again. And we see how does the agent pan out on Facebook? So we type in Facebook, we type in Henry Wong, well it’s actually the Henry Wong team. So Facebook Henry Wong team… And we look at here, the Henry Wong team, click on here. Now, this is my Facebook is the Henry Wong team. So my handle is @thehenrywongteam. Now we scroll down here and we click on reviews, now as you can see, sorry that popped up… Five out of five, based on opinion of 14 people. So we’ve got 14 reviews on Facebook. So you have Tom who recommends the Henry Wong team, Heidi recommends the Henry Wong team, Sharon recommends the Henry Wong team. Again, what you want to see here is how the agent’s perception is from the public’s point of view.

So, we’ll head back to Google again. So you want to see with Facebook how the agent’s peers, their coaches, their I guess suppliers, sometimes perhaps other agents, buyers, and sellers, so how does everyone perceive the real estate agent or the team? Now lastly what we want to do now is we want to actually Google the individual or the team. So we actually… So I’m the Henry Wong team, we can Google me as Henry Wong. So we’re just typing Henry Wong team, enter. Now as you can see, we have our own namesake website is very, very, very important the agent also has their own website. So you click on that, it makes it seem as professional, so we click on that.

And then, you know, there you go. You can quickly browse through the website. I’ll go into this in a bit more detail at a later stage but there you have it, this is how you check out reviews from an agent. So we look at the real estate.com.au reviews, remember this is a rolling 12 months and the reviews won’t go back 12 months. We also check out the Rate My Agent reviews of the agent. Obviously we Google them as well, so we either Google their name like myself Henry Wong or we Google Henry Wong team and then you can see the Google reviews. Because you want to see the public’s perception or experience with the agent and or their team. And we also look at Facebook, so I’m registered as the Henry Wong team on Facebook, so we type, Facebook the Henry Wong team on google to search and have a look at those Facebook reviews.

So that’s all for today and that’s how you check out the reviews of a real estate agent on realestate.com.au, Rate My agent, Google and Facebook.

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