Australia’s Migration Surge

Australias migration surge

Migration has always been part of the backbone of Australia, contributing to our strong multiculturalism and ability to withstand trying global economic conditions. It’s been important to our past, and it will continue to be important in our future.  The post-pandemic migration surge has been a big one though. It’s had some serious ramifications, particularly…Read More→

Inner City Buyers are Out in Force

inner city buyers

We just sold 7702/55 Forbes Street in West End, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, double garage apartment spread over 275m2 of titled area. It was a short marketing window with a result we’re incredibly proud of! Read on to find out what we sold this beauty of a home for Before we get to that, some important…Read More→

How to Sell a Block of Units Fast…

sell a block of units

You’re not going to believe what we just sold this block of units in Stones Corner for. You probably won’t believe how we did it either. This is an example of the benefits of networking at its finest! This is when all our hard work expanding and maintaining our vast network of colleagues pays off….Read More→

Why Brisbane Property Prices Are Rising

ATO tax clearance certificate

The property market is an extremely important cornerstone of the Australian economy, shaping policy and public sentiment in a big way. Owning a house is fundamental to achieving ‘the Australian Dream’, and as such real estate seems to dominate many of our media headlines. It’s talked about a LOT in all sectors of society! Perhaps…Read More→

Buying Subject to Sale Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

subject to sale

We often encounter property owners who aren’t making the next move in their life because they don’t feel they’re in a financial position to do so. Here’s the thing through – the real estate industry, by its very nature, doesn’t stand still. So there’s no reason that homeowners should feel they have to stand still. …Read More→

A Successful Auction in Kedron

Succesful Kedron Auction

We’ve just completed another successful auction in Kedron, with the sale of 2/74 Broughton Road by The Henry Wong Team® resulting in happy sellers and buyers! This two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit in a tightly held complex in Kedron represents a great investment opportunity, and we knew buyers would be interested in it. It was our job…Read More→

Record Brisbane Property Prices Incoming?

record brisbane property prices incoming

We’ve weathered quite the real estate storm over the past few months, but according to a report from Domain good things are on the horizon for Brisbane and four other capital cities. Before we get to their reasons for this, let’s take a look at property cycles, and where we are potentially sitting in the…Read More→

Quality Over Quantity: The Risk of Low Commission Agents

It’s only natural when you are selling your home that the first thing you think of is your bottom line. It is a sale after all, and you want to maximise your returns. An expense when selling is your real estate agent, who charges varying degrees of commission for the opportunity to sell and market…Read More→

Seller Activity Starting to Heat Up

real estate activity

We’ve followed a pretty non-traditional trajectory over the last year when you look at the Australian economy. 10 interest rate rises in a row have taken our cash rate to 3.60%, dizzying heights that we haven’t seen since 2012. With mortgages increasing and spending capacity becoming restricted, this is obviously going to have knock-on-effects on…Read More→

The 2023 Mortgage Cliff in Australia

fixed rates to expire

2022 was a tough year for mortgage holders, particularly those on variable rates. The Reserve Bank of Australia increased the cash rate for a record eight months in a row. This means every month variable mortgage holders around Australia are paying more and more money, as the banks increase their interest rates in line with…Read More→

Thanks for an Awesome Year in Real Estate!

awesome year in real estate

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re looking back and reflecting on a busy and rewarding year. It’s been a rollercoaster for many, as we dealt with what was hopefully the last kicks of lockdown and started moving back towards some semblance of normality. We’ve had a great year here at The Henry Wong…Read More→