Why Businesses Need to Be on Social Media


Is your business on social media? You’d think it would be a given these days, with ‘social commerce’ (using social media to drive commercial transactions) becoming more prevalent around Australia every year. The fact is though, there are a lot of companies and SMB’s out there who aren’t leveraging the power of social media in…Read More→

Why a Social Media Strategy Works for Sales

As it stands, Facebook is the third biggest site in Australia in terms of traffic, according to Alexa. That’s massive, but not surprising, when you consider the massive impact of social media on our lives today. Nearly 80% of Australians use social media every day, with 31% of us checking our accounts over 10 times…Read More→

Why Online Social Credibility Matters

social credibility

As real estate agents, our online presence matters. Social credibility matters. Here’s why. We know that real estate buyers go out searching for a property that suits their needs and those of their family. But when a buyer is choosing from two identical properties that are priced the same, the sale is going to come…Read More→

How to Get Plenty of Buyers Enquiries on Social Media

get buyers on social media

Real estate agents should not rely purely on the main real estate portals if they want to be successful. In this video Henry Wong discusses how to get buyer enquiries through social media channels. “Hi, Henry Wong here for Harcourts Beyond. I’m here to talk about social media when it comes to getting buyer inquiries….Read More→

Why is Social Media so Important in Selling Real Estate?

social media real estate marketing

Social media is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes in their marketing efforts, and real estate is certainly no different. In fact, we feel social media marketing is extremely important in real estate. So here at the Henry Wong Team® we place a large emphasis on using social media to market our properties…Read More→