Another Home Sold at Online Auction: 20 Effra Street, Wishart

sold at online auction

sold at online auction

The Henry Wong Team® is proud to announce another extremely happy set of buyers and sellers for our listing of 20 Effra Street in Wishart. Sold at online auction for a fantastic price, this stunning Brisbane southside property contributes to our stellar run of online auctions successes during this tricky economic and social time.

With just 20 days to put our marketing efforts towards a successful conclusion, our team went to work swiftly and effectively. In that time period we managed to rack up the following impressive stats with potential buyers:

  • 1700 page views, 98 digital inspections and 114 property saves on realestate.com.au;
  • 584 views, 27 saves and shares on domain.com.au;
  • 30 groups inspected;
  • Five registered bidders;
  • Sold to one happy family who will now move in and call 20 Effra Street home!

We want to congratulate the lovely buyers and wish them much happiness in their new home. We’d also like to thank the sellers for entrusting us with one of the life’s biggest decisions, we’re really pleased we managed to achieve this result for you.

As always, we couldn’t have done this without the support of the Harcourts Queensland family, and of course Harcourts Beyond and all our team members at the Henry Wong Team®.

Having 20 Effra sold at online auction maintains our 100% online auction clearance rate in Wishart!  The following homes have all been successfully sold at online auction in recent times:

  • SOLD – 5 St George Ct, Wishart;
  • SOLD – 2 Chelva St, Wishart;
  • SOLD – 2 Agaton St, Wishart;
  • SOLD – 41 Stackpole St, Wishart;
  • SOLD – 20 Effra St, Wishart.

What’s the secret behind these successful sales? Well it’s not something that happens overnight, rather it’s a reflection of years of hard work, building networks, honest communications and refining of skills. We do focus on a few things that really help though:

  • Relationships are extremely important to the Henry Wong Team®. We place a strong emphasis on cultivating positive relationships over extended periods of time with both buyers and sellers. We base these relationships on trust, honesty and good communication, which stands us in good stead when it comes to transaction time.
  • All our properties are marketed bilingually in both English and Chinese. We even have a separate and distinct Chinese website, manually translated by ourselves. This extends our reach across the cultural divide including interstate and overseas across Asia which helps us reach buyers who are completely comfortable with an online auction process.

If you’d like to achieve a similar successful sale of your property, why not get in touch with us here at the Henry Wong Team®? We’d love to answer any questions you may have about our marketing techniques or our approach to real estate. Chat soon.