Soaring to a New Altitude

12 altitude street rochedale

12 Altitude Street in Rochedale is a special home, so we always had a feeling the auction there would soar to higher heights!

And soar it did. During a short but intense marketing campaign the Henry Wong Team® pulled out all the stops. We pushed this listing out to our massive social media following (over 12,000 on Facebook alone), notified our huge database of contacts (14,000 plus).

We even managed to get an editorial about the property into the Courier Mail. In fact the under bidder saw the property in Courier Mail for the first time. This is exposure money can’t buy, resulting from our relationships and networking with journalists across Brisbane. See the video below on this:

The end result of all this was that by the time auction day came around, we had hosted 56 physical inspections of the home, and there had been 155 virtual inspections. Five bidders registered to try and make this special property their own.

An Auction Twist?

There was a bit of a twist on auction day though. Of the five bidders, the last two registered while the auction was taking place. In fact, the person who registered last actually paused the bidding when it was on $1,800,000 so they could join in the action! This would never happen at an in-room auction, as the buyer needed to get a feel for the house by inspecting it.

Guess what?

They ended up buying the home! They had never seen the house before and in fact never been to an auction before. While the bidding was going on, the bidders wife was walking through the home and absolutely loved it. So they stopped the bidding, officially, registered, and the rest is history.

And Henry Wong loves making history, which is why selling this beautiful home for $1,950,000 was a very special moment for him. You can watch a video of how the auction unfolded below.

If you want to talk about this auction result or would like to ask Henry any questions about real estate in general, please get in touch with Henry. He’s here to help.