Yet Another Successful Online Auction in Mansfield!

Mansfield online auction

Mansfield online auction

The Henry Wong Team® is once again proud to have completed a successful online auction in the Mansfield State High Catchment. This means our record of online auctions in this area is still picture-perfect, with a 100% clearance rate. That’s right, all 10 properties we’ve listed in this area have successfully sold under the hammer after a 20-day marketing campaign.

Sold: 82 Valentia Street, Mansfield

Our latest successful sale is 82 Valentia, a highset family home on a quiet cul-de-sac in Mansfield. Beautiful to look at, perfectly located, attractive finishes and a decent-sized block. This is a home that would appeal to numerous sectors of the market, it was down to our team to market it correctly and put it in front of as many people as possible.

How The Henry Wong Team® Markets Homes

With this online auction we had a short period of time for the marketing campaign of 20 days. This means we had to be efficient and effective in order to continue our 100% success rate. Our tried and tested formula is built around these important cornerstones:

  • Professional photography, videography and copywriting. It’s important for a listing to stand out from the crowd, and our visual marketing ensures our listings really pop. Our team knows how to show properties in their best light.
  • Bilingual marketing. All of our properties are marketed in both English and Chinese to increase our reach across cultural boundaries and ensure our listings reach wealthy Asian buyers.
  • Social media. We have large social media followings on Facebook (+8000 followers), Instagram (+5000 followers) and Linkedin (+1000 followers). This helps our properties reach exponentially large numbers of people on social media. In the 20 days this home was on market, we received over 100 enquiries over social media.
  • Database reach. We’ve got an impressive database of contacts who we’ve developed relationships with over the years. We inform them first of every property we list. It helps kick start the marketing, and has often resulted in quick sales.

The Importance of 100% Online Auction Clearance Rates

What we’ve found is that our 100% online auction clearance rate in the Mansfield High Catchment has attracted more buyers to our listings. They come because they know our properties sell, so if they like it they’ll only have the one chance to purchase it. Whereas if another agent is selling who has, for example, a 50% clearance rate, there is no urgency at the auction because they know they’ll probably have a chance to buy it further down the track.

This positive result at 82 Valentia means our online auction record looks like this:

76 Garie St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

1 Elkana Pl, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

53 Garie St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

34 Winthrop St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

20 Effra St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

2 Agaton St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

2 Chelva St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

41 Stackpole St, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

5 St George Ct, Wishart – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market

82 Valentia Street, Mansfield – unconditionally sold in 20 days on market.

It’s important we highlight what an unconditional sale means. It means there are no specific conditions attached to the sale contract. Conditions would normally be in the form of a cooling-off period, building and pest conditions or finance requirements.

Conditions add a lot of time to the sale. For example, finance conditions could add 21 days to the property transaction. When you consider the marketing campaign is 20 days, it takes the total time to unconditional to 41 days.

All of the 10 homes we’ve sold under the hammer in the Mansfield State catchment have been unconditional. This means there’s no waiting for building and pest, finance or cooling off periods. The sale is fast and efficient, allowing all stakeholders to move onto the next stage of their lives.

We’d like to congratulate the buyers and sellers of this magnificent home, both of whom are happily looking forward to starting on the next chapter of their lives.

We’d also like to thank all members of The Henry Wong Team® for their ongoing efforts in maintaining our stellar online auction record, and of course to Harcourts Beyond, Harcourts Queensland and our auctioneer Christian Hamilton.

And last but not least, to everyone who has shown an interest in the property and all our very important followers on social media. We are grateful to you for helping us promote our listings.

If you’d like to enjoy our seamless online auction skills in the marketing of your property, please get in touch. We’re here to help or to answer any questions about Brisbane real estate you may have.