What a Year for Bx South Brisbane!

BX networking South Brisbane

It’s been an unreal year at Bx South Brisbane! Not only have we built a tribe of like-minded people intent on networking and business success, we’ve been officially recognised for it too. Yup, Bx South Brisbane was awarded the ‘Group of the Year’ award for 2023! This is a huge recognition of the progress we’ve made together!

On a personal note, 2023 was also a huge one for me in Bx, as I was voted in as the People’s Choice Bx Member of the Year! This award means the world to me, especially as 2,000 other individuals could have taken it home! 

I want to explain a bit more about Bx and these awards, in the context of the successful year we’ve just had at the South Brisbane Chapter. Let’s take a look at the ’People’s Award’ first.

What is The People’s Choice Bx Member of the Year?

Bx – Business Networking Reimagined is a community and business network spanning Australia and New Zealand. It’s the fastest-growing community of its kind here, with a membership of over 2000. This makes winning this award, which holds immensely high esteem in the community, very meaningful for me. I’ve been recognised by other members as someone who embodies the spirit of this community and represents its collective ideals and strength. It’s great for me to see that I’ve had an impact on this vibrant business network. It makes it all feel very worthwhile! 

Shoutout to the Dream Team!

What makes our community at Bx South Brisbane so special is the group of like-minded people. Several notable people have helped shape the experience for everyone, and to them, I offer my thanks for helping me achieve this award. This year I have truly seen further than the rest because I have stood on the shoulders of giants! 

Colin Lee is one such key figure. He deservedly secured the BX Team Member of the Year, a fitting recognition of his high-energy efforts and enthusiasm for Bx South Brisbane. His commitment has been inspirational, and I’d like to thank Colin for his companionship and encouragement. 

Kate Smith has also been an incredible ally. She is a Branding Designer in her professional space, and a Member Engagement Officer at Bx South Brisbane. We couldn’t do it without her – she is a cornerstone of our growth and success, working tirelessly to grow our group and make everybody feel welcome and at home. Kate – thank you for all that you do! 

What Makes Bx South Brisbane Great

We did it guys – Bx South Brisbane has won Group of the Year! This is a proud and happy moment for all of us, and a testament to the great relationships we have built with each other. Each and every one of us deserves this award, because every individual has been part of attending meetings, inviting guests and referring business to each other. That’s what makes Bx South Brisbane tick!  

Here’s to the Future

How exciting to look to the future with this exceptional group of people! Our journey with BX – Business Networking Reimagined is not just about maintaining the position we’re at now. We want to build on this, to grow. We want to reach new heights, connect with more professionals, expand our South Brisbane footprint and create more impact together. We want to continue this process of enriching each other’s lives, and we want you to join us! 

We’d love to welcome you onboard at Bx South Brisbane. Come and join our thriving, award winning community. Here we support each other and celebrate our own successes. It’s not just about business either – it’s about building lasting friendships and networks that progress together. Get in touch with me for more information.