Welcome to Harcourts, Henry Wong.

Jonathan King, CEO of Harcourts Queensland, had some very kind words to welcome the Henry Wong Team® to the Harcourts family, as did Harcourts Chief Auctioneer Christian Hamilton and Harcourts Beyond Principal Paul Siaw.

Here’s Jonathan: 

We’re just super excited to welcome Henry Wong and Amy to the Harcourts family. After having conversations with Henry over many weeks previously, we’re super, super excited to welcome Henry to the brand. Having been such an elite level performer in the Queensland industry for such a long period of time, we’re super excited to see what Henry will do within the Harcourts family, especially being such a strong marketer. So welcome, Henry. Welcome Amy, and here’s to a strong 2020.

And here’s Christian:

Christian Hamilton here from Harcourts Queensland, and I’m really excited to be able to welcome Henry and Amy to the Harcourts team. Super stoked to be having them on board. Obviously two highly effective salespeople, great marketers, but also having great systems and processes around the sales process. They’re high auction performers. They know how to run the process very diligently, and they run it from such a relationship level. I know that we’re going to be working really well together, hand-in-hand, just due to the way that we like to work through the process very diligently, step-by-step, and we know that we’re going to be producing some great results on the day. So really looking forward to what this year unfolds. Three auctions booked already for the start of 2020, so we know it’s going to be a big year. And again, super stoked to be having them both on board.

Paul Siaw’s Welcome: 

Hi, I’m Paul Siaw from Harcourts Beyond. I’m one of the business owners here. I want to welcome Henry and Amy, part of our team. And I just want to say I’ve known Henry since 2012, when I was in Remax. I have watched him grow as a person and become one of the top high-performing agents in the industries.

Now, what do I like about Henry? One thing I like about Henry is his ethic. I love his ethic. He always do the right thing by his client. He’s always doing the right thing to anyone. And one thing I like about Henry is that he’s true to his heart. When he speak to the client, he always makes sure he will get the result what he promise. And that’s one thing I have to say, if you’re going to choose Henry, you will have the trust and confidence in him to get you the best result.