One Road, One Day, Two Unconditional Sales

two unconditional sales

The Henry Wong Team® had a big week last week as our ‘Your Next Chapter’ Framework continues to bear positive fruit for real estate sellers in Brisbane.

Securing an unconditional offer on a home isn’t always easy. What about securing two unconditional sales in one day? Is it some kind of miracle? No, it’s rare…. it happens when hard work, a solid marketing framework and in-depth local real estate knowledge work together in harmony.

On Friday November 27th, it happened for The Henry Wong Team® with 256 Wishart Road and 406 Wishart Road both receiving unconditional offers in the same day. In fact, 406 Wishart Road received two unconditional offers, giving the seller the luxury of choice.

Let’s take a lot at what happened.

256 Wishart Road

The seller bought this home from her mother in the 1970’s and has happily lived there ever since. The time had come for her to move onto her next chapter, and she enlisted us to help us with this big step in her life. She was very attentive to our advice about how to get the property looking its best for sale, undertaking the necessary renovations and touch ups.

The result was a beautifully presented home, which was set to go to auction after a 20-day marketing campaign. We informed our database of the listing, revealed it to our extensive social media audiences and listed it on the major real estate portals.

We knew the right buyer was out there, we just had to make sure they found the house. Thanks to our ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework, the right buyer saw it and decided that was the home for them.

The buyer was in a hurry and if they didn’t purchase this property, they were swiftly going to move onto buying another one. We had to make it happen. With this in mind Henry took the offer straight to the seller’s workplace in the city. She was extremely happy because it was a good, unconditional offer that definitely met her expectations. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, she signed on the spot.

Just like that, she was on her way to the next chapter in her life.

406 Wishart Road

This impeccable family home was always going to have wide-ranging appeal, we just had to market it correctly. We put it through the same ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework as all our listings, with a 20-day marketing campaign slated to end in an online auction. Once again, the results were positive, with an unconditional sale being secured before it went to auction.

In this home the sellers were wanting to downsize to a smaller property and needed the sale to happen so they could do that. Everyone who visited this beautifully presented property was completely taken by it, to the point where two unconditional offers were made in the same day.

We presented both to the sellers, and they accepted one from a local buyer who was looking to upsize from their current property. Now all parties are able to move onto the next chapter in their lives.

Why Unconditional Sales are so Important

When a buyer makes an unconditional offer, it means there aren’t any specific conditions attached to the contract of sale. This means no cooling-off period, no finance, no building and pest. This is important because it means the sale is efficient and everyone can move on in life in less time.

If a sale has a 21-day finance condition attached, then even if there’s a short marketing campaign of 20 days there will be a 41 day wait until its unconditional. That’s the 20 days on market plus the 21 days for finance.

The Henry Wong Team® always aims to secure unconditional sales. It means if we sell a home in 20 days and its unconditional, then the deal is completed within that time frame. There’s no waiting for finance, building and pest or any cooling-off period. We were very satisfied, as were our sellers, to get unconditional offers on these two properties in Wishart on the same day.

If you’d like to know more about our ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework, or have any questions about unconditional sales, please get in touch with our team. We’d love to answer your questions and help you move onto the next stage in your life.