The Three Online Platforms You Must Consider When Selling

three main portals

If you decide to go to market with your property, there are three main portals your real estate agent should be leveraging. Today Henry Wong from Harcourts Beyond talks about what they are.

“Hey, Henry here. We’re here today to talk about online portals. So you decided to go to market. Now, there are three main portals that you should really think about when you’re putting your home on the market.

Number one, obviously, we have realestate.com.au. Number two, we have domain.com.au. And number three, we have social media. When I say social media, in real estate generally you’re looking at LinkedIn or Facebook. What I mean by social media with LinkedIn and Facebook, I don’t mean with regards to the realestate.com.au’s version of social boosting, or the domain.com.au version of social boosting. I’m talking about the actual agent’s social media platform.

We at The Henry Wong Team, we currently average between 30 to 70 buyer inquiries, in addition to RE and Domain. Actually, we’re getting more buyer inquiries from our social than the other two combined. It’s very important that whoever you go with has a massive social media presence and can actually show the buyer inquiries. The buyer inquiries that we get, we get the first name, last name, emails, and mobile phone numbers.

There you have it. If you want to actually achieve the best outcome for your property, you need to be on these three portals, and a very heavy emphasis on social media. And ask the agent to show you those buyer inquiries. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.”