The Origins of “Let’s Make History”

lets make history

Have you ever wondered how The Henry Wong Team’s® motto “Let’s Make History” came about? It’s an interesting and touching story, and one that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of what we do in real estate. Have a look at the video below and find out what happened!


“So I was actually going after a listing. So it’s a property, 310 Ham Road, Wishart. I’ve actually known the owners for about 11 years. I used to visit them every single year. And unfortunately, they passed away. I met with the children, executors of the will, and I said, “You know what? I’m here not just to sell your place, not just to get a great pricing experience, I’m here to make history. Because this is not just getting the best price, it’s also a legacy for your parents, Franco and Velda, who have passed on. And I want to honor that legacy for your parents.” And that’s how ‘Let’s Make History’ came about. And we did that. So recently, we were featured in the Courier Mail twice. The record prices in Wishart and the Brisbane Southside.

So whenever I’m dealing with people, whether it’s our client, a seller, or the buyer, my word is my bond. It’s stuck with me since I was a kid. If I give a deadline, it actually happens. If I tell you, “Look, I’m going to do all the open homes.” I will do all the open homes. We’re in a marketplace right now where we’re selling the majority at auctions, but none of our competitors are, at all. And we’re in the same market. The reason being is because we can attract more buyers than others. But when the environment changes and it goes from this many buyers to this many buyers, auctions aren’t selling. Well, the only way to replenish this pool of buyers, to grow it bigger, to create more competition, is for the agent to introduce more buyers from the outside.

To do that, they need to introduce buyers that haven’t even considered the local area, so that’s what we actually specialize in. How do you bring more people from outside to have a look at this opportunity so we can increase the competition? But to do that, you need to have a large network. The whole concept was networking. It’s not like, what I can get out of you. It’s more so, how much value I can add to you. How can I help you? If I can’t help you, who else can I connect you with that can help you? There’s whole lots of dots out there, and all these dots represent people. How do I connect one person to another?

Being a family person has changed my outlook on life. A lot of people get things mixed up. They start with money first, relationship second, health is last. For me, it’s actually quite the opposite. Your health always comes first. Number two, your relationships comes second. If you take care of your health, you take care of your relationships, your work will be successful.