The Most Trusted Brand in Australia

The Most Trusted Brand in Australia

What’s the most important intangible asset associated with your business? For us the answer is easy, it’s your reputation. According to the National Reputation Health Report, reputation is valued at up to 35% of your market cap. That’s a lot of money, especially if you think of it in terms of massive ASX-listed corporations. It’s no wonder businesses take their reputations so seriously in Australia.

Having a good reputation drastically improves people’s inclination to engage with your business. When you have a bad reputation, or no reputation at all, they’re less likely to seek you out, and they’re less likely to hire your services or buy your product. 

It all boils down to trust. A good reputation means people are going to trust you and trust your brand. Positive brand recognition is something all businesses strive for, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and good business practices to build up trust in your brand and improve your reputation. 

That’s why the National Reputation Health Report by the Brand Institute of Australia is such an important and coveted report. It’s a study of Australia’s 100 most recognisable brands and how they’re perceived by the public. 

It takes into account seven reputation drivers: customer value, financial performance, communication, innovation, social responsibility, products and services and operations. All of these are taken into consideration to determine which is the most reputable brand in Australia. 

Which brand are we most comfortable with? Which one do we feel safest in pursuing a business relationship with? The answer, out of 100 brands, is:


Google has become such a part of our lives that we feel extremely comfortable utilising the features that it offers. 

Think about it, would you even think twice about Google’s reputation when you’re setting up a Gmail account, or performing a search on their engine?

Nope. You just go ahead and do it. It’s 100% trust. 

Which is why it’s so important for businesses to be present on Google, and to have their own good reputation on Google. The Google Review system is one of the best methods out there of measuring the reputation of a company. 

Google is Australia’s most reputable brand, so when the Google Review platform acknowledges your business or brand as being trustworthy, people are going to believe it. If you’re about to do business with a person or organisation, Google them first and see what kind of search results you get. As the Number 1 Trusted brand in Australia, the Google search results hold a lot of sway.

As real estate agents, The Henry Wong Team® knows that without our reputation our business would flounder. Your referrals are extremely important to us. Our reputation is our lifeblood. 

Google ‘Henry Wong’ and what do you see? Our name is all over the first page of results that you get. Plus we have 65 Google reviews from clients we’ve worked with. All of them are 5-star reviews. We’ve worked hard to build trust and grow a reputation, and our track record speaks for itself. 

Same thing for our real estate agency. Try Googling ‘Remax United Vision’. The entire first page of Google is dedicated to us, plus we have a massive total of 74 Google Reviews, with an average of 4.8-out of 5-stars. That’s an immense track record of positivity, and it shows the lengths The Henry Wong Team® and Remax United Vision go to ensure the satisfaction of their clients. 

To experience that difference for yourself, whether you’re buying or selling or just seeking advice, get in touch with The Henry Wong Team® now. We can’t wait to help you.