A Successful Sale at Auction: 2 Chelva Street in Wishart

successful sale at auction

successful sale at auction

The Henry Wong Team® has proudly and successfully completed another successful sale at auction, this time for 2 Chelva Street in Wishart.

This reliable family home sits in Brisbane’s most sought-after school zone on a 621m2 secure corner block. Solid bones, modern touches, a well-kept garden and a convenient location make this a very desirable property.

Our team had the task of marketing it correctly and putting it in front of the right people. Luckily over the years we’ve built up a massive database of interstate, local and international buyers. We always contact them with each property we list, and this one was no different. Now as many of our buyers are overseas they’re comfortable with the online auction process, so we don’t feel we’ve been hindered at all with our results despite the tricky climate the world is experiencing.

We also take a bilingual approach to all our marketing. Not only does our website have an English and a Chinese version (manually translated by ourselves, not Google Translate), but all marketing we produce for a property comes in two languages too. This gives us credibility with wealthy Asian buyers and helps us cross the cultural divide. We find this particularly important when we’re marketing a home like 2 Chelva Street which was going to an online auction process.

So what was the net result of our marketing efforts? In a nutshell, a very, very successful one. The campaign went on for 20 days and the property sold at auction to a young couple who’ll move in and make 2 Chelva Street their home.

We had 52 groups inspect the property, and six signed offers were presented prior to auction. On the day 16 registered bidders competed against each other for the home. Bidding started at $550,000, with the first official bidder taking home a bottle of Moet champagne as a special gift from the Henry Wong Team.

The couple who bought the property got it for $687,000. Most important to us is that both the buyers and the sellers were very happy and excited to move onto the next stage of their lives.

Have a look at the video below, and you’ll see exactly how the auction unfolded. If you have any questions about real estate in Brisbane, or would like to book an appraisal, please get in touch with the Henry Wong Team®. We’d love to help you achieve similar successes as these happy buyers and sellers.