Successful Online Auction at 41 Stackpole Street in Wishart

successful online auction

The Henry Wong Team® has completed another successful online auction, this time for 41 Stackpole Street in Wishart. You can watch the conclusion to the bidding process in the video above.

There were seven registered bidders at the auction, and it was competitive right to the end as you can see. Ultimately, we ended up with a successful sale, which to us means happy buyers and sellers.

Many sellers aren’t expecting to get such good results on the sale of their home in this climate. The Henry Wong Team® has a number of strategies in place that helping us achieve positive results.

The Henry Wong Team® Strategies:

– We’re one of the first real estate agent teams on the south of Brisbane to implement virtual reality technology and walkthrough video tours into our marketing. Buyers can really experience a property without actually having to visit it, and the positive response from them has been phenomenal.

– Over the years we’ve fostered many strong relationships with affluent buyers from overseas, interstate and in the local area. We contact them with each and every property we sell, and many of our sales occur within this network. Most of these buyers are comfortable with the online auction process and have bought properties before without physically inspecting them.

– All our marketing is bilingual. Even our website has an English and a Chinese version. Not only does this increase our reach, it increases our credibility with wealthy Asian buyers. They feel understood and appreciated and are thus more likely to engage in real estate deals where they’re not able to physically visit the home for sale.

– We have always taken an approach whereby we’re contactable by clients no matter whatever time it may be. Wealthy Asian clients often work long hours and will get in touch with queries or requests about a property outside of normal hours. We work hard to accommodate this as much as possible. This strategy really helps in a time when all auctions and transactions are completed online. Buyers want to know their agent is only a phone call away, whatever time it may be. That’s exactly what the Henry Wong Team® is.

If you’re thinking of selling and want to know how we can achieve similar successful auction results for you in this ever-changing landscape, please get in touch. Henry is available to answer all your questions about real estate.