Successful Auction of an Apartment Block

Successful Auction of an Apartment Block

27 Victor Street in Holland Park represents an incredible investment opportunity for the right buyer. It’s a complex of five separate apartments, all under one title, sitting on an 809-square-metre block of land. Not only that, it’s within the Golden Circle of the Brisbane CBD, sitting just eight-kilometres to the centre of Brisbane.

In an immaculate location and offering a plethora of possibilities, we knew this would be a piece of real estate that got investors excited. We decided on going down the path of an auction after a relatively short marketing period, because we believed in the potential of this property to really excite bidders.

It turned out to be a good move, one which keeps the incredibly high auction clearance rate of The Henry Wong Team® intact. We got over ten registered bidders on the day, and after a frantic auction it sold for well above the reserve price.

Here’s a video to capture the excitement of the auction day. Below is a transcript of the video. Have a read and find out exactly how much this special opportunity ended up changing hands for! And as always, get in touch with Henry for all your real estate questions. 

Henry Wong: We’re at 27 Victor Street, Holland Park. So far, we’ve got 11 registered bidders. Let’s see how the auction pan out.

Christian Hamilton: Welcome to our auction at 27 Victor Street in the heart of Holland Park. Without any further ado, I throw it over to you. Looking for that opening bidder offer to get us underway.

$700,000, and was it $800,000, now 1$ million, I’ve got a 1$ million, it’s a quick retort now to $1.1 million, where was that folks? $1.1 million bid in the opposite scene now. At $1,25 million, I’ve got. Had a $1,275 million and $1.3 million I’ve got now. $1,3 million the bid. At $1,3 million bids here, straight down the middle now.

We’re on the market and selling here at $1,42 million ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard at here first. At $1,488 million. Bids here now to $1.5 million. We welcome your bid there, sir. At $1.5 million. $1,51 million is the money now. $1,5125 million, and sir, you may very well just have done it. We are selling at $1,5125 million. Selling. We are… Sold, congratulations and well bought.

Christian Hamilton: We’ve just wrapped up with an exciting auction with over 10 registered bidders. The bidding opening at $700,000 and finishing just over $1.5 million, the property selling successfully under the hammer.

Once again for the team here at Harcourts Beyond. Henry, doing an incredible job, continuing to add to his clearance weight, which is now boasting in excess of 90% across any marketplace in which he works in. Once again, such a high number of registered bidders as well. And I think the way that the team do this is through their massive social reach. They’re in a position where they’re able to cross pollinate buyers and bring them into a multitude of different suburbs based on their strategic marketing campaigns that they run through their social advertising.

Folks, certainly if you’re interested in selling or buying real estate within the area, please make sure you get in contact with Henry and the team here at Harcourts Beyond.