“Castle on a Hill” Sells Under the Hammer

sold under the hammer

sold under the hammer

Waking up to the Kookaburras song, the galahs flying overhead, the leafy views unfolding before you. Sounds like a dreamy existence, right? Well for one new set of lucky homeowners in Upper Mt Gravatt, this is their new life after they successfully purchased 25 Prenzler Street under the hammer, known by some as ‘The Castle on a Hill’. 

Beautifully positioned in the lush surrounds of Mt Gravatt, this has been a happy family home for many years. But there comes a time when people need to downsize, and in this case one family’s downsizing turned into another family’s upsizing! 

The successful sale of this lovely home means The Henry Wong Team® has sold 12 out of 14 homes on the Brisbane southside at online auction after just 20 days on the market. And you know what, the other two sold shortly after the auction too! We’re very proud of our 86% clearance rate, arguably the best on the southside which includes competitive suburbs like Wishart, Mansfield, Macgregor, Calamvale, Sunnybank and Upper Mount Gravatt. Our sales include homes ranging between $500-thousand and $1.3-million. 

The ‘Your Next Chapter’ Framework from The Henry Wong Team®

Selling real estate in Brisbane over the past few years has given Henry Wong a deep understanding of what works in terms of marketing. He’s put together a framework that helps his team reach more buyers in addition to using the main property portals. It’s called the ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework. 

After investing many hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars on courses, advisors and testing social media ads, Henry started to figure out a way to reach more buyers. It all revolved around increasing his following and engagement in order to exponentially increase the reach of his marketing. 

Once he had the fundamentals in place to do this, him and his team crafted a process that would take buyers on a journey. It was designed to implement a mindset shift from ”why don’t you sell the house to me” to ”I want this house and will do whatever it takes to get it.”

Everything they learned and created was placed in the ‘Your Next Chapter’ framework. With this framework, Henry can now reach more buyers, even those outside the property portals. It’s contributed to his team’s 86% clearance rate after only 20 days on market, and helps to significantly reduce the stress of selling a home from the vendor. 

The framework distils the process of selling a home into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Research. This is necessary because we want to physically inspect the property, assess the current state of play, what is the current environment like in the marketplace, what is the supply and demand like out there. This is kinda like planning for a war, you need to see what the current situation is like.
  • Phase 2: Pre-market. This is crucial because you need to plan out all the strategies you need to execute and prepare the tools you need in order to enter the market place.  Like our analogy before about going to war, this is the planning stage and getting our tools and weapons ready. 
  • Phase 3: Getting it sold. This is critical because these are the specific tactics we execute in accordance to our planned strategies to help get us sold aka ‘win the war’. 



We’d like to congratulate both the buyers and the sellers of 25 Prenzler. This magnificent property has been the backdrop to many happy memories for one family, and we’re positive it’ll help create many more for its new owners. We’d also like to thank Harcourts Beyond, Harcourts Queensland and our auctioneer Christian Hamilton, who were all significantly instrumental in the successful sale of this home. We’d also like to thank you, our followers and readers, who have helped contribute to this outcome. 

Is it your turn to make a change in life? To upsize or downsize, to find yourself a new space or maybe search for your own ‘Castle on a Hill’? Get in touch with The Henry Wong Team®. We’re the Brisbane southside property experts who WILL get your property sold and we’d love to answer all your real estate questions about the ‘Your Next Chapter’ Framework and how we implement it.