“Reach More Buyers” With The Henry Wong Team®

reach more buyers

There’s a simple reason that The Henry Wong Team’s® slogan is “Reach More Buyers”. It’s because we have devised techniques and strategies that put our listings in front of more sets of interested buyers. Period.

It’s why the owners of 27 Kinkuna Street came to us when they wanted to sell their beautifully renovated home. In a sought after area of Wishart, on a quiet, leafy street, this immaculate home is large, has high-end finishes and is a wonderful place to raise your family.

Homes like that tend to sell themselves. The beauty though, of getting that home in front of more buyers is more people register their interest in it. This creates an atmosphere of competition, which has an upward effect on the price.

When more buyers are aware of a property, there are more opportunities for people to realise the level to which that property reaches their needs. As the sellers agent that puts your property in front of more buyers, we can get you the price your home deserves.

The Results Speak for Themselves

So, were the sellers of 27 Kinkuna rewarded for putting their faith in The Henry Wong Team®? The results speak for themselves, and here is what we managed to achieve:

– 119 virtual inspections of the home.

– 72 physical inspections.

– 58 buyer enquiries through Facebook.

– 6 written offers.

Ultimately, we sold the house prior to auction in 18 days. Both buyer and seller were extremely happy, and we’re very proud to be able to help them move onto the next stage of their lives.

Additionally, we managed to set a record for this house, making it the best price in history for a three-bedroom house in Wishart on under 600m2 of land. We also hold second and third spots for that same record, namely with 6 Fair Street and 8 Fair Street in Wishart, both of which we recently sold.

The Henry Wong Team® Way

What’s the secret to putting our listings in front of more buyers and generating more interest than other sellers agents? Well, we’ve been selling real estate in Brisbane for a long time. It’s been years of hard work and networking to build a business where we have the knowledge, skills and reputation to facilitate fast real estate sales for great prices.

To do this we have focused on becoming non-reliant on the main real estate portals. Our social media following, database and online presence has helped us achieve this, providing an edge over standard real estate agents.

Some of the cornerstones of our marketing approach include:

Bilingual marketing: All our marketing material, from our website to our videos, and printed material is published in both English and Chinese. This helps us bridge the cultural divide, and gives us access to the wealthy Asian buyers looking to buy property in Australia.

Professional photography, videography, floorplans and copywriting: We lean on the best suppliers in the industry to ensure the marketing material for every listing is immaculate. We want the houses we market to look at their absolute best in any marketing that this the internet.

Social media marketing: Our massive social media followings give our listings exponential reach they would not otherwise have enjoyed.

Database marketing: We’ve built up a large database of contacts in the industry, many of which are buyers that we communicate with regularly. They know us and they trust us, so when we present a home to them they’re going to give it a look. We’ve sold many houses this way before they’ve even hit the market.

If you have questions about how we market our listings, or you want to enjoy the same success as the sellers of 27 Kinkuna did, please get in touch. Henry would love to chat.