Queensland Rental Reforms to Come Into Place

queensland rental reforms

We like to keep you updated on any law reforms that affect the real estate industry here at The Henry Wong Team®. Late last year we wrote about proposed reforms to Queensland’s rental reforms, which you can read here.

As stated there, we aren’t fully on board with these proposed reforms, as we feel they’ll have a negative effect on the housing industry. They are very much in favour of tenants, which may have a negative effect on the housing industry.

Today, we’re updating you on the progress of those reforms and what they mean to tenants and homeowners across the state. The amendment bill received assent in October 2021, but not all of the changes came into effect immediately. A few are coming into effect on October 1st 2022, so today we’re going to look at what’s already in place and what will commence in October.

Commenced October 21st 2021

Domestic and Family Violence Protections

This is a reform that made a lot of sense to us. Domestic violence is a scourge and victims should be assisted however possible. The fast tracking of the commencement date was also the right thing to do, so victims could benefit from the reforms immediately. These reforms stated that, among other things, domestic or family violence victims:

– Can vacate a property immediately but would need to provide seven days’ notice and pay rent until the end of the seven-day notice period.

– Must provide evidence in the form of a domestic and family violence report.

– Must complete a notice ending their tenancy agreement.

– Can change the locks to the property without the owner’s consent but need to provide copies of the keys to the owner.

Commencing October 1st 2022

Renting with Pets

Under the bill landlords can only refuse tenants having a pet on the property if they can provide a reasons that the government deems valid. Examples of reasons would be that the pet is a health and safety risk or having the pet onsite breaches local by-laws.

There are also timeframes within which an owner has to respond to a pet request, or else the request will be considered approved.

Approved Reasons to Ending a Tenancy

From October 1st homeowners will no longer be able to end their tenant agreement without grounds. Instead, they will need to provide specific and recognised grounds, with appropriate notice within a prescribed notice period. These grounds include:

-End of a fixed term agreement.

– The need to perform repairs or renovations on the house.

– The need to sell or prepare the rental for sale.

Tenants are also able to end a tenancy, if they can show the property is in disrepair or doesn’t meet minimum housing standards.

Commencing September 1st 2023

Minimum Housing Standards

This establishes minimum safety, security and functionality standards that all Queensland rental properties will need to meet. These include ensuring fixtures and fittings throughout the home are in good repair, windows and doors have functioning latches and the structure of the home is sound.

Learn More About the Queensland Rental Reforms

These reforms are fairly vast in their scope, and they have a potential to dramatically increase costs for homeowners. We only hope that this doesn’t encourage current landlords to sell their rental properties or discourage potential landlords from entering the market. A reduction in the supply of rental properties upsets the equilibrium of the property market, making it harder for tenants to find a rental.

If you want to talk about the new reforms and how they could possibly affect your personal situation, please get in touch. Henry would love to chat.