Take Advice from People Who Practice What They Preach

practice what they preach

In business and in life, you need to take on board lessons and guidance from people around you. According to Henry Wong, you should only take advice from people who practice what they preach.

“They say you should never judge people, but let’s face it. At the end of the day, we all judge. Whether we’re looking at someone, it’s what they were, who they’re with, what they do. We all judge, whether you like it or not.

If it comes down to judging someone, in my experience, best judge someone by what they do, not what they say. My two-year-old daughter, Chelsea, yes, she actually listens to what we say but more often than not, she watches what we do.

Say for example, in business, if an agent says, “You know what? We do a lot with Chinese buyers.” If that’s the case, why isn’t their website in Chinese? Why don’t they have Chinese marketing materials? Why don’t they have an assistant that speaks Chinese or a translator if it means that much for them? You look at airports. You look at hospitals. You look at some dealerships like Toyota, Porsche, even Bentley’s, they have magazines all in Chinese as well. Why? Because they cater to the Chinese people. That’s what they value. Same thing with an agent. You must have looked at that as well.

Another thing is if an agent says, “I think you should clean up the house. You should pay for staging. Have all this furniture. You should have fancy brochures, videos, do all that stuff. The question is, is the agent actually doing that themselves? Are they actually spending all this money marketing themselves? Do they promote themselves in Google? Do they promote themselves with the letterbox drops? Do they actually have a website that’s both in English and Chinese? How well do they promote themselves? There you have it.

Don’t appoint an agent that doesn’t spend money where their mouth is. There you go. If you’re looking for advice on people, take advice from people that literally practice what they preach. If you like what you hear, please share this post to your friends or family and like this.”

Henry Wong is a real estate agent based in Brisbane. For appraisals, advice and anything real estate, get in touch with his team.