People Who Know You Vs People Who Don’t Know You

people you know vs people you dont know

Trying to expand your influence in business and in life? Harcourts Beyond real estate agent Henry Wong has a key bit of advice for you. In this real estate vlog, he talks about reaching people who know you vs people who don’t know you.

“We’re here today to talk about the concept of “people that know you and people that don’t know you”. A lot of our homeowners that we deal with and a lot of our buyers are actually business people, and if that’s yourself, this would help out a lot, or if you’re a salesperson yourself.

Let me explain. Now, wouldn’t it be fair to say that there’s a few people that know you, but there’s even more that actually don’t know you? If you want to expand your reach… Let me show you. If you want to expand your reach or expand your business or your influence, you need to target more of the people that don’t know who you are than those that know you. To do that, you need to actually increase your digital presence. To increase your digital presence, which means you need to be found more so on Google, on Facebook and so forth, you need to make it easier for people to find you. When you actually build this influence in your, digital presence, all of a sudden the people that know you eventually gets bigger. So that’s the key.”

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